Samsung Froyo Coming To US Galaxy S’ or Not So Much? is reporting that has tipped them off to the fact that the Samsung official website shows the Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Epic and Samsung Fascinate coming with Android 2.2 Froyo. How’s that for the horses mouth?

Many Samsung Galaxy S owners have become frustrated with the manufacturer because of delays in updating the extremely popular handset. Rumors since the Galaxy S line launch over the summer have pegged the update for September, November and December with the most recent missed deadline December 26th for the Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint.

But what does it mean that the handset feature roundups on say 2.2? Is Samsung preparing the updates for release this week? Also the website still shows the Samsung Captivate and Samsung¬†Continuum rocking Android 2.1. The Captivate and the Vibrant were at one time rumored to be the first of the Galaxy S’ to receive the update.

Samsung at one time said that the US variants of the Galaxy S would see the update to Android 2.2 by the end of the year, which at this point is just days away.

Source: Androidcentral via Androidpolice

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