Samsung flexible display may be released in 2013, might be a feature in Galaxy S4

A recent report from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) suggests that South Korean manufacturer is already in the later stage of development of its much anticipated flexible display. Speculations would lead to an estimate that it might be released in 2013 and that Samsung would be the first company to be able to bring this technology to the mobile world. But it should be noted that there were several manufacturers that hinted they, too, are researching on bendable display panels.

WSJ went on to saying that Samsung will be integrating its organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display into the new technology to be able to produce thin and lightweight display panel that could be bent without breaking. It means that there will never be a room for a piece of glass that serves as protection on top. There have already been prototypes shown to people on several occasions and expectedly, for this kind of technology, they often attract more audience.

It was earlier this year that news about Samsung’s flexible display emerged. Patent Bolt, a site dedicated to publishing nothing but patent-related articles, was the first one to publish the purported diagrams that gave us an idea how Samsung plans to build its flexible display. Another thing about this new technology is that, it is not just bendable or flexible, it is also stretchable. LG, Philips, Sharp, Sony and Nokia were among the companies that also shared their plans on manufacturing flexible display panels but none of them showed anything yet.

If expert predictions were true that Samsung’s flexible display will be ready early in 2013, then there is a possibility that Galaxy S IV will be using it. There have been rumors suggesting the company is planning to launch its fourth generation Galaxy S in February next year but analysts say it might arrive in April or May, just in time for this new display technology that is starting to build hype.

Lastly, if the screen is bendable, it could also be that the whole unit will be as flexible. After all, what’s the use of using a flexible display if the unit is as stiff as the smartphones we have today? While recent news suggest of foldable display, Samsung may also be working on how to build a smartphone that could be stretched, bent and flexed. But it should be noted that Samsung didn’t officially reveal any information about the display.

[source: The Wall Street Journal]

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