Samsung Expects To Rake in More Money With Big Fourth Qtr. Shipment


Samsung will continue to rack up more money in the coming months following reports that the Korean tech giant has already scheduled a shipment of at least 61 million smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2012.

According to UBS financial analyst Nicolas Gaudis, Samsung is expected to ship between 61.5 million to 63 million smartphone in the last quarter of the year, which signifies at least a 5 percent jump over the 58 million smartphones shipped by the company in the third quarter.

Gaudis added the shipment figures could even grow than estimated because of the increasing purchasing power of the consumers during Holiday seasons and strong sales of their flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung shipped 3 million units of Galaxy Note 2 in its first five weeks of sales and the surging sales of the product in Asia, Europe, and the United States will further help the company exceed their initial projection of 5 million units.

“We hence forecast 7 million Galaxy Note 2, compared to our initial expectation of 5 million for the fourth quarter,” Gaudis said in his investors’ note.

The Galaxy S3 will also make a major impact in the fourth quarter sales of Samsung, which remain on top of the smartphone-maker ladder. Galaxy S3, which was released in May, generated 5.5 million units sold in October alone and continues to post solid sales results despite the launching of Apple’s iPhone 5.

“We see a limited ramp-down, if any at all, for the Galaxy S3, and we feel comfortable with our 15 million estimate for the fourth quarter of 2012,” added Gaudis, who sees Samsung to stay on top of the smartphone game.

Samsung and Apple are the leaders in the smartphone market, though the Korean tech firm has clearly generated more profits than Apple from the sales of their smartphones.