Samsung Droid Charge Finally Getting Gingerbread Update

photo: TDGLLC 2011

It almost seems silly that we’re talking about a Gingerbread update for the Samsung Droid Charge. The Droid Charge was the second 4G/LTE Android phone released on Verizon Wireless last spring. Not only that but as we all well know it’s Samsung that is the flagship OEM for Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich with the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Wireless as well.

Well it seems that the interwebs, forums and Twitter are lit up today with happy Droid Charge owners saying they are receiving their OTA update from Verizon bringing their Droid Charge up to Gingerbread.

Phandroid had one report from a user saying the update bricked their phone so proceed with caution but so far that looks like the only report of an update gone awry.

source: Phandroid