Samsung details unique markers on new models of the Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7

As most users are aware, #Samsung has started replacing #GalaxyNote7 units in most regions with a reformed battery. But how will users know if they’ve received a new unit? Well, Samsung seems to have devised a way to help users identify the new models of the Galaxy Note 7 with specific markers on the retail packaging as well as within the device user interface.

Galaxy Note 7 Box

The new units will have a square box on the retail packaging (as shown in the image above). Whereas the previously mentioned green status icon will be visible in three areas – the status bar on any screen, the always-on screen as well as the power off screen which is displayed after long pressing the power button. Samsung has even posted screenshots (seen below) which will help users understand what these new markers will look like.

Galaxy Note 7 - Battery

Overall, it seems like the Korean manufacturer is doing quite a lot to ensure that its loyal customers are not left out in the cold with regards to their replacement units. How many of you have opted to receive a replacement unit of the Galaxy Note 7? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Samsung

2 Replies to “Samsung details unique markers on new models of the Galaxy Note 7”

  1. I pre-ordered mine over a month before they were originally released, having received mine (by FedEx) on Aug. 19. I’ve had my replacement unit for two days now (picked up at a corporate Verizon store on Sept. 21, shortly after the store opened), and am not worrying about any possible explosion/fire.

  2. Mailed “original” 9/14. Will receive replacement by FedEx 9/26 (notfied). I was one of the pre-ordered from 8/19. I had a 3 week taste. Can’t wait for Monday.

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