Samsung Could Implement Its Own Version of Photo Sphere With the Galaxy S 4


We’ve all heard of Photo Sphere plenty of times. The feature is one of the things which makes the Google Nexus 4 stand out from the rest of the competition, apart from the obvious Nexus moniker and the Google goodies that are bundled along with that name (read: timely updates). But as of now, it’s the only smartphone which packs the feature, and thankfully for Google, things have stayed that way for more than three months. However, it was only a matter of time, we thought, until this feature would make its way to other Android devices as well. And it appears as if Samsung is going to be one of the first in line to get the feature. However, like the manufacturer did with S-Beam (originally Android Beam) on the Galaxy S III, we might just see the Photo Sphere feature ported/rebranded/ripped off with the Galaxy S IV. So, if true, Samsung would officially be the first manufacturer to get the feature after stock Android devices. I guess with Samsung’s advanced optics, the feature could see more functionality than the stock Photo Sphere on the Nexus 4.

The best part however is the name for the feature. Rumors are suggesting that this new feature will be called the Samsung Orb. In recent memory, the Nexus 4 wireless charging dock was called the Orb. However, the term orb in itself means something which sports a spherical shape, kind of like a globe. And Photo Sphere pretty much works that way (its icon on Nexus devices even has a globe on it). But with Samsung, one can always expect more bells and whistles to be on board. Not only will the improved camera sensor utilize the Orb feature to its full potential, but it is believed that Samsung will discuss terms with Facebook for easy sharing of these images. If you didn’t know, Photo Sphere images are only visible on Google Plus profiles. So bringing Facebook integration will be a huge bonus and something which would catch up quickly with the crowd. This is something we wish Google did with the Photo Sphere, but I guess they just couldn’t resist the urge to maintain the feature’s exclusivity on the Google Plus social network.

This is still an emerging report and we expect you to treat it as a rumor. Nobody knows what’s onboard the new Galaxy flagship, but we’re all hoping to see something spectacular. It is being reported that Samsung is facing some issues with the Exynos 5 Octa chipset, so we might not exactly see the same flair as we did with the Galaxy S III, but these features should more than make up for it. Let’s hope Samsung makes the optimum use of this feature, if at all it’s actually planning to get it on board. So could this be a feature bundled with Android 4.2? We can’t say for sure, as there haven’t been a lot of manufacturers rolling out official updates of Android 4.2 yet, which is sad really. You can follow all the rumors and news about the Samsung Galaxy S IV in our detailed post here.

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  1. Sounds like a waste to me. Google’s Photo Sphere works great on my Nexus 4. At the end of the day, this is one more app, that will delay the OS update process for Samsung users. No thank you.

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