Samsung building an ‘iris scanner’ tablet: Rumor

Iris Scanner

Samsung is known to be pushing innovation forward with its devices. Numerous reports over the past one year have told us about the company’s willingness to launch a device with an embedded iris scanner for added security and protection. A new report now claims that the company is currently developing a tablet with this technology, with input from the makers of Apple’s Siri virtual assistant.

SRI International is said to be teaming up with Samsung for the development of this particular feature. This iris scanner will reportedly be about 10,000 times more accurate than a conventional fingerprint scanner that we see on handsets today, including Samsung’s own.

Although SRI wants this technology to be implemented in environments where security is a concern (airports, public places etc), we can’t see why this technology won’t make its way to mobile devices, considering the amount of data users carry on their smartphones and tablets these days.

Do you think having an iris scanner on a tablet is a good idea? Let us know below.

Source: SRI

Via: Techno Buffalo