Samsung Blew Motorola Out Of The Water With Their Super Bowl Ad Here’s Why:

So Samsung’s first ever Super Bowl Ad just aired in the fourth quarter of the big game. It started out the same way all the ads in the “The Next Big Thing” campaign started out. A bunch of people standing in line at the Apple store waiting for the next big thing.

Then a guy with a Samsung Galaxy Note walks towards the store drawing oohs and ahhs from the crowd waiting.  One of the hipsters yells “Whoa Whoa Whoa what is that” and of course the young man with the Galaxy Note, walks over, hands it to him and says “It’s the Samsung Galaxy Note”.

A few of the iPhone fans in the line start talking about it. One of the guys says “Samsung, Again” and the young asian woman says “I don’t know what I believe in anymore”. Hipster dude playing with the Galaxy Note says ” I know what I believe In”. Then Justin Hawkins from the band The Darkness appears in a pink and white get up, his guitar drops from the sky and he starts singing their song “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”.

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From there a flashmob with a marching band takes over, the Apple fans kick down the barricades and everyone is in love with the Galaxy Note. The end of the ad shows just one guy waiting for the “next big thing”.

So why does this ad work.

First off it shows the product, it features the product and highlights some of the fundamental things in a good ad, Features, advantages, benefits. As opposed to 2010’s Megan Fox ad for the Motorola DeVour or the even worse, Motorola Xoom ad that tried to play off Apple’s original 1984 SuperBowl ad.

Next, it’s happy and allows you to sing a long, once you learn the words to the song. If Samsung is smart (and Tim Wagner told us there is follow up), they’ll continue running shorter versions of this commercial for months to come.

What do I mean about singing along? These kinds of commercials don’t come around much anymore. But what are the commercials I remember from my childhood (im between 35-40)? Well the same ones most people remember:

– “I’m stuck on Bandaid Because Bandaid is stuck on me”

– “I’d like to buy the world a coke”

– “I’m a pepper you’re a pepper wouldn’t you like to be a pepper too”

An infections song. And now after writing this story and playing the ad over and over again to write the story, “Can’t explain all the feelings you’re making me feel”….

Well Played Samsung.
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