Samsung begins rolling out Android 4.4 to the Galaxy S4 in Korea, global rollout imminent

Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 in Korea is now getting the coveted Android 4.4 update as the company gears up to begin a wider rollout of the update. The Korean manufacturer recently began rolling out the update to the Galaxy Note 3 as well.

This completes Samsung’s responsibility of rolling out the update to its two premier smartphones from last year, although other countries around the world are still waiting for the update notification to pop. But it shouldn’t take long from now given that the company has officially given the green signal for the update. However, if you own a carrier variant of the smartphone, especially in the U.S., you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. We expect the global rollout to finish in the next couple of weeks with carrier variants taking a few weeks or even a month after that to start rolling out the update.

This update will improve performance substantially as the smartphone will now be able to utilize RAM accordingly. TouchWiz UI will also receive a substantial facelift with Android 4.4 as we saw with the Galaxy Note 3 update. At this point, the update is rolling out to the LTE A variants of the smartphone in South Korea. Users can wait for an update notification or simply connect the device via Samsung Kies and pull the update manually.

Source: @and_jungbo_bot – Twitter

Via: Phone Arena