Samsung Backing Off Android, Or At Least Coming Up With A Back Up Plan?

It’s no doubt that most of the world is familiar with this on-going legal battle with Apple over patents.  Apple alleges that Samsung stole their technology while Samsung alleges that Apple stole their wireless technology.  While we personally don’t think that Apple or Samsung stole anything, they most definitely borrowed from each other when their relationship was a little healthier.

You see, if you didn’t know it Samsung has been manufacturing processor parts and displays for Apple products since Apple got into the mobile business.  It’s not like Apple didn’t know at the time that Samsung was in the mobile business. After all Samsung started making mobile phones in 1986.  By the time they started putting out iPhones in 2007 Samsung has already had the first Behold and the first Instinct in production. Samsung had also dabbled in more than just messaging phones with the Samsung Black Jack. So Apple knew that they were going into business with a competitor.

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This relationship between Apple and Samsung has started to fall apart. Both companies are suing each other all over the world.

Then to make matters a little more strenuous for S. Korea based Samsung, Google announced they were buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion dollars two weeks ago.  Samsung, along with Motorola and HTC, is one of the best Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) for Android.

Although Google issued a positive statement from Samsung Mobile President JK Shin, things at their S.Korean headquarters were reportedly not so hunky dory.  While Samsung is committed to launching the products already in their pipeline including the Samsung Galaxy S II in the US, the Samsung Droid Prime, the 8.9 and 7.7″ Galaxy Tab and other products still under wraps, it seems that Samsung may be making some moves to protect itself from both the Apple situation and if things don’t end up being quite so “fair” on the Google side of Android.

Samsung has been widely rumored in the last week to have an interest in HP.  Early on we thought that Samsung may have some interest in HP’s computer business.  As Slash Gear’s Chris Davies points out Samsung may have backed off HP’s computer business because the margins are so low. However Samsung has been in the computer business for quite some time so they probably know the margins in it.

The next big rumor is that Samsung is now interested in HP’s webOS business more for the operating system than the hardware.  HP shunned it’s webOS business two weeks ago and is looking for a suitor. They’ve also openly discussed possibly spinning off their computer business as well. We wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung took both businesses off HP’s hands.  They would more than likely buy the HP brand and then fold their computer brands HP and Compaq into Samsung essentially killing off that competitor and securing their position in the computer market share next along side Dell.

Reuters is reporting this morning that Samsung has unveiled three new devices using their proprietary operating system called Bada.  The Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y. All three devices are expected to be at Samsung’s airplane hangar sized booth at IFA which we will preview tomorrow in Berlin.  The Wave 3 will have an AMOLED screen and five mega pixel camera.  The Wave M will be the first Samsung device to feature their new ChatOn cross platform instant and group messaging solution and the Wave Y is expected to offer Bada in a budget price.

Obviously this three device strategy has been borrowed from their Android platform.

A lot of things would have to change in the Android ecosystem for Samsung to totally abandon it.  Google playing favorites to Motorola and Apple winning a whole bunch of these patent suits would definitely result in more self sufficient smartphone plans at Samsung.



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  1. I wish these corporations would stop being so greedy. They’re taking a nice thing and wrecking it with all these lawsuits and patent trolling.

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