Samsung Announces Kies Beta For Mac

If you happen to own or have owned a Samsung device than you more than likely have heard of Kies, which just happens to be Samsung’s proprietary synchronization software. However, there is one drawback, Mac users are more than likely familiar with the fact that Kies has been pretty much exclusive to Windows. At least it was in till recently.

Samsung has finally announced a beta release of Kies for Mac users. As with all betas there is more than likely a few bugs you may run in to while using it, but hey that is what betas are about. At the moment this version does only happen to support two devices, the Galaxy S II and also the Galaxy Tab. However, we are sure that Samsung will be adding additional devices over time.

This beta is finally a step in the right direction for Ma users so if you are interested in giving it a shot you can head here to scoop it up. Let us know your thoughts on it below.


Android Police

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