Samsung to add Lookout to security suite on future devices


Samsung’s KNOX security suite offers a collection of different enterprise apps for Android. The South Korean mobile giants wants to dominate the enterprise level of mobile, as well as the consumer end.

To do this, they need apps and partnerships that can offer something incredible to the end user; something they cannot find on other devices. This is the KNOX security suite and it has already got Samsung a few big contracts with enterprise agencies.

A new partnership with anti-virus program Lookout extends the amount of apps available with the KNOX suite. Samsung has penned a deal to have all Samsung devices with KNOX security suite come with a free version of Lookout for the user.

This is a win-win for both parties, Lookout gets Samsung’s huge dominance in the smartphone market a big push into the enterprise market and Samsung gains a great anti-virus application, available to all users for free with the KNOX suite.

The question is will we see a Samsung smartphone with KNOX built into the framework for consumers anytime soon. We know how Samsung loves to experiment in different markets to gauge what users want, perhaps this will be a key ingredient for some security junkies.