S-Voice Wake-Up Command NOT Working on Samsung Galaxy S4 [How to Solve]

S Voice Wake up command not working samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed with various advanced features and applications that could somehow change a person’s prior perspective about smartphones. One of the innovative items listed among the GS 4 packages is the S-Voice, a voice app that allows users set up certain wake-up commands through voice recognition. A wake-up command can be used in different ways like unlocking the device, opening Samsung S-Voice app or carry out specific request. If you are unable to use wake-up command on your GS4 device, then try to change the screen lock and enable the wake-up option. Here is how to do it, in case you need further assistance:

  1. Touch the Menu icon from the home screen.
  2. Touch to select Settings option.
  3. Touch to select Device to get to Lock Screen.
  4. Touch Lock Screen to continue.
  5. Touch Screen Lock to change or modify its settings.

If you are using an older device, follow these steps to go to Screen Lock screen.

a. From the Home screen, touch the Menu icon then go to Settings, then Lock Screen and finally, Screen Lock. If you already set up a screen lock other than Swipe, just key in the requested security unlock information.

  1. Touch Continue to proceed to the next screen.
  2. You will a list of options. Locate and select Swipe. (The method varies on older device as you would have to touch Lock screen options, in order to enable the wake-up function.)
  3. Look for the Wake Up in Lock Screen option and put a check mark next to it.
  4. Touch Set wake-up command.
  5. The default wake-up command used in the device says “Hi, Galaxy.” To change it, just record a new command by touching the Wake Up S Voice option.

HINT: To ensure best recording output when recording new wake up command for the device, do the following:

  • Eliminate any possible barriers when recording. Make sure the microphone is free of any obstruction that could affect the quality of the new recorded phrase. Possible obstructions would include a cover or case.
  • As recommended, use only 3-5 syllables and maintain constant pitch.
    Properly position the device by holding it roughly 11 inches to 20 inches away from your face.
  • Speak in a clear and concise tone.
  • Observe ambient noise or use only a little to no background when you record the new command.
  • After recording the new command, touch the Wake-Up S Voice or any of the wake-up functions to Change command, Change function, Reset or Listen to my voice.

NOTE: The wake-up command is only available when the Swipe screen lock is activated or selected.