Rumored HTC Bolt apparently headed towards Sprint

HTC Thunderbolt

A few days ago, #HTC filed for the ‘Bolt‘ trademark. This sparked off speculation that this would be the revival of the company’s popular Thunderbolt flagship which was released several years ago. Evleaks has now confirmed that this might well be the case, going on to say that this device will be heading towards Sprint in the U.S.

The original Thunderbolt was launched via Verizon in the region, so this indicates that there’s been a slight change in strategy. Considering how Sprint has lost some crucial phones of late (like the LG V10 for example), this could just be the remedy to get them back on track. Of course, nothing is set in stone at the moment, but we’ll make sure you’re the first to know when there’s any further info to divulge.

It is possible that the HTC Bolt will be a flagship level offering with all the features that we saw on the HTC 10 plus some added enhancements. What do you make of this rumored device?

Source: @evleaks – Twitter