Rumor: Sprint To Get HTC One X After All?

We’ve said time and time again since HTC’s press event Sunday night in Barcelona, that Sprint and Verizon Wireless were omitted from their list of partner carriers for the HTC One devices. HTC published a complete list of carriers who would get the HTC One series devices in a press release on Sunday.

Here is that list below:

HTC One Series

North America: AT&T, Bell Mobility, Best Buy, C-Spire, Cellcom, Fido, Metro PCS, Bluegrass, OpenMobile, RadioShack, Rogers Communications, T-Mobile USA, Target, TELUS, U.S. Cellular, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Mobile Canada

As you can see in the North America section only T-Mobile and AT&T are listed, when it comes to US carriers.  However that doesn’t stop the crew at Pocketnow from leaking out some rumored information

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According to Pocketnow this morning, they’re hearing that a new HTC device will come to Sprint in June, in time for the second anniversary of the Sprint Evo 4G. The Evo 4G just went to end of life status at Sprint. That came after the Evo 4G, time and time again, appeared at the top of most Android handset lists.  For 18 months the Sprint Evo 4G was the best selling Android device.

Pocketnow has heard that there is a new device on the horizon that’s code named “HTC Jewel”.  The Jewel is supposed to have HTC One X like specs with 4G/LTE radios on board. Sprint has already said they plan on having their first 4G/LTE markets on line just in time for that second anniversary of the Evo 4G.

Pocketnow has a way better track record with Android related rumors compared to other sites like BGR.  Pocketnow typically gets a good chunk of the information correct.

While we can definitely find reason to believe that Sprint and HTC would introduce another signature/flagship device in time for that June anniversary, according to HTC themselves it won’t be an official “HTC One” device. To add to the rumor pot, it’s possible that Sprint and Verizon were kept out of this run of devices because they are waiting for either Nvidia or Qualcomm’s quad-core chips to play nicely with their 4G/LTE networks.

We should no more in May at CTIA. However, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse is keynoting at Mobile World Congress on Thursday. Now we’ve never seen our favorite CEO, the CEO Next Door, Hesse, introduce a device during a CTIA keynote, it’s not totally impossible.  If we don’t see something Thursday we’ll be looking to May.

source: PocketNow