Rumor: Samsung Looking To Abandon Android For Their Own Linux Kernel Based OS?

Samsung's Nick DeCarlo Is Expected To Make The Samsung Galaxy S II announcement Monday photo: TDG LLC 2011

We couldn’t let this one  slip past us. We know our friend Simon Walker over at Androidspin vets their rumors to the best of their ability. Also this rumor makes sense. But before we dive into this rumor, we just want to set the timeline straight, Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik was putting the finishing touches on working for Samsung the day that Google announced they were buying Motorola.  Cyanogen joining Samsung was not a reactionary move by Samsung in any way shape or form.

However, after saying all of that, there were plenty of stories, here too, that indicated Samsung’s Korean Headquarters was looking to invest more into their own software and OS’s rather than being so dependent on third parties like Google and Android. That’s not to say everything on their 2011-2012 Android roadmap won’t release. If we’re going to believe this rumor it’s probably more of a secondary or complimentary thing rather than displacing Android as a whole.  Samsung pretty much keeps their Bada platform overseas.  They may want a new Linux kernel based OS in the U.S. in place of Bada.  We’ll see.  So the rumor after the break

Androidspin is reporting that their tipster has suggested that the reason Samsung brought on Cyanogen wasn’t necessarily for Android but for his work with Linux and mobile devices from an integration stand point.  The tipster proceeds to tell Androidspin that Samsung plans on developing a new version of Bada framed on the Linux Kernel.

Samsung just released Bada 2.0 so the rumor would pertain to the next full version of Bada allegedly Bada 3.0.

Samsung just released the next Wave phone at their unpacked event at IFA in Germany last week. That phone is of course staying in other markets and away from the U.S.  Androidspin goes on to come to the same conclusion that Samsung won’t position Bada in it’s current state to go up against Android and iOS in the U.S. however a new version developed with Cyanogen and other engineers in Seattle on board may be more competitive than the current version of Bada.

Cyanogen has worldwide appeal but is especially popular in the U.S.

For the past two years as Android has continued to rise, industry analysts have always said there was room for a third player. Some thought RIM would bounce back with the Playbook, so far to no avail.  Next they suggested webOS would be that third player, no dice there either.  Microsoft also continues a downhill slide with Windows Phones. Could Samsung develop their own OS to take that spot? We’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Androidspin

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