Rumor: LG to launch foldable display phones in 2017


As per a new report, #LG is preparing to bring foldable display phones to the market as early as next year. It’s no secret that the Korean manufacturer has been working on the technology for quite some time now, and it seems like it will be the first to bring it to the market, perhaps beating even Samsung to it.

Samsung has also teased its foldable YOUM display tech before and a launch is expected next year. We don’t have a proper word from LG right now, but a rumor is at least a start. Backing up this rumor is a contract signed with Canadian company,¬†IGNIS Innovation, which makes the internal circuitry for foldable display phones. It is said that LG’s foldable devices department has finally moved from R&D to development, which is a sign that the company is ready for the big step.

Of course, all of this is hearsay at this point, but we wouldn’t put it past an innovative company like LG to expedite the production and development of its foldable display panels. The future certainly looks bright for us tech lovers.

Source: ET News

Via: Phone Arena