Rooted Galaxy S5 unable to register to network, more connectivity issues

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Today, we address some of the common network and connectivity problems on the #Samsung #GalaxyS5 device. The issues discussed below are taken from emails we received from some members of our ever-growing community.

  1. Verizon Galaxy S5 bad reception issue
  2. Verizon Galaxy S5 not working on Telus Canada network
  3. Galaxy S5 losing connectivity on Wi-Fi
  4. Rooted Galaxy S5 unable to register to network
  5. Factory unlocked Verizon S5 won’t work on T-Mobile network

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Problem #1: Verizon Galaxy S5 bad reception issue

Got my first S5 in March, replaced with second S5 in August, replaced with 3rd S5 in September.  All three phones can’t find signal a lot of the time (as in most of the time it seems!)

My husband and parents will have signal, I do not. We are all on Verizon.  2 are iPhones 5 and 6, one was an older Samsung. (My 3 previous Motorolas and two previous Samsung’s had no issue. We’ve been in the same house for 11.5 years).

The 3rd phone has been the better of the 3 and I get 4G and 3G fairly regularly but not always and not consistently. My signal level is lower than everyone else’s in the exact same location. I live in the middle of Silicon Valley. We have enough cell towers to cover a small country and this issue has happened all over the state of California.

If I reboot or if I toggle airplane mode on and off, sometimes I get signal and a ton of texts and voicemails come in and missed calls. So, it seems that once it loses the signal, it quits trying to find it.

I understand that saves battery but it can be hours or even a day or two with no signal and then I reboot and wow! 4G!

Sometimes I still don’t have signal when everyone else does. Very frustrating and Samsung says there is no issue so Verizon won’t let me get a different model phone unless I pay off this one. 

I’m considering biting the bullet and getting the S6 but I’m worried I’ll have the same problem. 

Signal used to be so reliable at home (before the S5) that I had considered cancelling our land line. Now, I cannot make or send calls at home unless I go outside (sometimes texts won’t even go through.) Often I have to reboot the phone several times a day to catch any texts that it hasn’t received and I’ve missed tons of calls. Sometimes, the voicemail icon lights up and I holding the phone and it never rang. The people called, they didn’t just leave VM through the carrier.)  — Cheryl

Solution: Hi Cheryl. An issue like this should be handled by your carrier especially that you have already tried using 3 units of the same exact model. Other factors must be causing the problem and they should have stopped pointing to Samsung’s direction. It’s highly unlikely that all three hardware have the same problem, unless the issue originates from Verizon itself. Further tests and isolation should have been done. For example, they should have suggested to replace the SIM card to try to see if the issue starts there.

Poor or bad reception problems are, most of the time, carrier network’s issue and hardly a hardware problem. The only suggestion we can give you is to do the basic software troubleshooting (which we doubt will fix the issues) like wiping the cache, performing a factory reset, or even using a custom ROM.

Problem #2: Verizon Galaxy S5 not working on Telus Canada network

I recently bought a Galaxy S5 on the Verizon network from the USA and would like to use it in Canada on the Telus network. Now i have set up the proper APN settings and when I am on the lock screen it says i am on the Telus network. However i am still getting the notification that my SIM card is not from Verizon. I read your post to root the phone and change the names of the Verizon apps to the new network names.

However i am being told that Verizon has made it impossible to root their phone. My model number is G900V and I’m on 5.0 version. I can find my way around the phone very well to follow instructions but am not tech savvy when it comes to technical terms. Lol.

Is there a way for the phone to read my Telus SIM card? — Veronica

Solution: Hi Veronica. The first thing you need to do to use a Verizon S5 is to ensure that it has been SIM unlocked. Unlike T-Mobile or AT&T devices, which swapping SIM cards is as easy as inserting them is the norm, Verizon devices must be properly unlocked first in order to be used in other networks. This is due to the fact that Verizon uses a CDMA network technology as opposed to the more common GSM technology of many wireless carriers in the world. CDMA devices don’t need SIM cards to be able to talk to Verizon network unlike GSM devices from other carriers. A CDMA S5 connects to Verizon network via a special hardware that keeps subscriber information. These information are embedded in the phone itself. Unlocking a Verizon S5 requires a special software to tweak the phone’s programming to work with a different network.

GSM devices on the other hand keep subscriber information on the SIM card. Unlocking a GSM phone is easier compared to CDMA devices though they are not the same process. However, even if you have an unlocked a Verizon phone, it still doesn’t mean it can be used to other networks as there’s still a chance that the setup won’t work because the new network has incompatible frequency band. In other words, you can’t use a CDMA phone on a network that only uses GSM signal.

We know that Telus Mobility Canada uses 4 types of network technologies including CDMA and GSM but not all areas are served with all four at the same time. You have to contact Telus and ask if the current S5 you have is compatible with the available network technology in your area.

Problem #3: Galaxy S5 losing connectivity on Wi-Fi

I primarily use my Wi-Fi as my Internet source when I’m at home. However when using apps that require Internet such as Instagram, I sometimes am no longer able to refresh my feed or view others posts. This sort of thing happens in Twitter, YouTube, Internet and Chrome as well. But if I lose connectivity with Instagram for example I can still go onto YouTube and watch videos or if tweets aren’t loading in Twitter I can still go to Instagram and view photos. So the Internet still works but I experience connectivity issues with any Internet using app at certain times.

I solve this problem by switching my Wi-Fi antenna on my phone on and off. This restores the connectivity in the apps in which I experienced the problem. I have already tried clearing the cache partition as well as switching the IP settings to static but these haven’t worked.  — Sahil

Solution: Hi Sahil. There may be a firmware glitch causing this issue. Have you tried doing a factory reset? If you haven’t, just follow these steps:

  • Power down the Galaxy S5.
  • Press and hold the Volume up button, the Home button, and the Power button together until you see the Android on screen.
  • Use Volume down to highlight the wipe data/factory reset option and press the Power button to select it.
  • Use Volume down again to highlight Yes – delete all user data and press Power to select it.
  • Use the Power button to select Reboot system now.
  • When the S5 restarts it should be completely wiped and ready to set up again.

Problem #4: Rooted Galaxy S5 unable to register to network

Thank you for reading my concerns. I will try my best to list the steps etc.

The phone worked prior to me making some updates. I had a custom ROM installed with Jellybean prior with no troubles. Haven’t used the phone for more than one year.  Was going to travel out of the country and wanted to take this phone. So here is the deal. I had accidentally bent the pins in the SIM card reader and replaced it from a part on eBay for my model phone. The part appears to work as if a SIM card is not in it will not find a card and show. Later replaced the charging port too. Same seller of parts. I followed a network unlock deal by going into the service menu and this seem to work.

 Then I had upgraded the ROM to a custom rom called Cynide ROM 5.1. After this, i could not get my phone to register any working SIM card to obtain a signal, even the original one.

Long story short, Knox counter is registered, not sure if this upsets network signal.

I downgraded to stock firmware Android 4.3  and no signal.

I have read like crazy and can’t seem to figure out what to check since so many things were done. The phone works as it supposed to, boots up, runs system, but cannot register on a network.

Can you fix this? Any advice? Can I send it to somebody? Thanks. — Eric

Solution: Hi Eric. It’s not unheard of for some devices to lose Wi-Fi and cellular network connectivity after flashing a custom ROM. It’s always recommended that one must create a backup of the Encrypting File System (EFS) folder housing the IMEI before flashing a ROM.

Root storage of an Android device are divided into partitions, with each one keeping sensitive information. If not done properly, rooting or flashing can make these sensitive partitions accessible and tampered with. If the EFS folder of your S5 has been modified accidentally during previous flashing procedures, there’s a chance that the EFS data might have become null at this time, meaning your network is no longer able to authenticate the device. In order to fix the problem of missing or corrupted EFS folder, one must revert back to stock firmware, which you obviously did already.

We don’t know what to tell you at this time but you want to start checking again if the SIM card reader is working. If not, try to work the problem out with your wireless carrier’s technical support.

Problem #5: Factory unlocked Verizon S5 won’t work on T-Mobile network

Crossing my fingers that you can help. Prior to my purchase I inquired whether the device I was interested in would be compatible…I was assured it would indeed work.

So, I purchased a (Verizon) Factory Unlocked S5 from Amazon (**specific info below***) and pucked up a T-Mobile SIM Card for activation. Much to my surprise after inserting the T-Mo SIM Card, the following message appears:


Very perplexed…I’m find myself scratching my head and all while thinking “WTF?!” is racking my brain!

Of course, the seller refers me back over to T-Mo’s Tech Support and points out my phone is an ‘international phone’. I go into a T-Mo location and was told that although my phone as a slot for a SIM CARD. It’s not compatible. Even after explaining that my phone is an ‘international phone’ (as instructed by the seller) per the T-Mo Rep – you cannot use that phone. only Verizon’s iPhones are compatible.

Please help me? Did I just make a huge mistake and will HAVE to get VZW Service? C’mon…let’s hear it, give it to me straight – I promise, I can handle it…

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. — Leisa

Solution: Hi Leisa. T-Mobile uses GSM network while Verizon CDMA. Even if the phone that you have right now has been SIM unlocked, meaning it can now use a SIM card to talk to a network, and is now equipped with GSM capability, there’s still a question about frequency specification. T-Mobile’s GSM network uses a wide range of frequencies bands like 1900 MHz, 1700/2100 MHz, 700 MHz. If T-Mobile support representatives have reviewed the phone and said that it’s not compatible with their network, that’s most probably due to frequency incompatibility.

If you can, simply subsribe to Verizon so you can use the device.




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