Review: Workout Trainer

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, In-App Purchases

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If you’re wanting to get in shape but just don’t have the time or even the money to purchase an exercise set or even a DVD set, I’ve come across a cool app that has a bunch of different exercises you can dowith a timer. This is a very weird app to use on the smartphone, but if you’re really wanting to get in shape, it’s still very usable on a smartphone. I can see many areas where this app was designed for a tablet with a dock or something close to that. Workout Trainer was developed by Skimble Inc and is currently a freely downloadable off of Google Play or iTunes.

The app gives you virtual coaches to keep you going and motivate you to finish the exercise until the timer is up. This is a high quality app therefore you’ll get two free coaches while having to pay for a professional virtual coach. The app isn’t all free, which is completely fine as long as it gives you a few free coaches to at the very least get you started. What’s really cool about this app is it is complete with step-by-step photo, video and audio instructions. These instructions show you how to do the workouts that you choose to do.

What workouts are there exactly? It can range from lifting weights, to High Intensity Interval Training (HIT) and even timed workouts such as being in the plank position for two minutes straight. As a exercise guru myself, I can confirm that this app isn’t a cheesy attempt at motivating people to start working out. The workouts are often difficult (depending on what you choose to do) and sometimes even push your body to its limits. If you’re wanting to get in shape without spending a whole lot of money, using this free app via your tablet or your smartphone will work perfectly.

Concerning stability, the only time I have ever had it crash was when I was syncing my workouts with their website at I think that may be fixed now, but aside from that the application is very stable and won’t crash on you during a workout. I’m glad they put in the extra effort to make sure there were no interruptions during a workout session. You’re obviously going to get your standard crash once in a while if there is too many apps running on your phone due to lack of memory, but Workout Trainer is a very stable application.

The variety of exercises is awesome. You’ll never get bored or tired with the workouts as there are tons of different exercises you can do in the app. From planking, lifting weights and squats, Workout Trainer offers a lot of variety to keep users intrigued and motivated to keep exercising. As a bonus, Skimble, the developer, allows you to play music from inside the app if you so need that extra boost. I use the feature often and it works wonderfully.

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