Review: The Dark Knight Rises – Batman!

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $6.99

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Warner Bros and DC Entertainment’s latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises is currently showing in theaters. Alongside that, Gameloft released a game to go with the movie called the Dark Knight Rises. This game boasts to be 2GB along with another 2GB of data to download once you open the game. It sounds like a lot of data, but the detail that was put into the game is incredibly amazing. I’m not sure how this game made it to touchscreen phones as most movie based games head to consoles and PC’s. Having Batman on the Android device is most welcomed though, it’s not something you see happen everyday.

In this six chapter story, Batman is back after his alter ego, Bruce Wayne has been out of touch with Batman for the past eight years due to taking the blame from the death of the district attorney, Harvey Dent. Selina Kyle or “Catwoman” ends up bringing Bruce Wayne out of his retirement after robbing a few precious items from him during a ceremony at his mansion. He comes out of hiding to find Gotham City more dangerous than it ever was (surprisingly, it’s not because of the joker this time!). You’ll be playing through 24 missions to restore Gotham City to its former glory.

After finishing the 24 missions along with the numerous side missions that Gameloft integrated into the game you’ll have an option to go into free roam and beat up all the baddies around Gotham City. That way you’ll still be able to level up, get new skills and upgrade your weapons. Free roam was a great thing to integrate because of the very short campaign (which is forgivable do to the size of the game and limitations compared to consoles). I’m not 100% sure if there is a level cap or not though.

The gameplay is pretty awesome. I didn’t expect much coming from a smartphone because of all the gizmos and gadgets you had to try and work with all at once, but it turned out to not be that bad. Thankfully all the controls don’t clutter the screen either. Way to many times has Gameloft cluttered the screen with the controls making little room to see what’s going on. The Dark Knight Rises is a great addition to their collection of games, it’s very well developed and the sound quality is absolutely amazing. They did agreat job with that.

Lastly, the combat looks great as Batman jumps around the screen doing roundhouse kicks, jabs, punches, a knee to the face. The physics were very well developed to be able to do this. On top of that, they don’t look glitchy either! It’s smooth as butter. I highly suggest looking into getting The Dark Knight Rises, the game is a little pricey for an Android game along with how many gigs it wants you to download, but it is well worth it.

Gameloft really delivered in this title, The Dark Knight Rises.