Review: Streamzoo – The Instagram Alternative


Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Phonezoo Communications created a similar app to Instagram before Instagram was released on Android devices. This isn’t just a copy, but a very, very cool alternative to Instagram if your not wanting to hop on the fad wagon of Instagram. There really isn’t a whole difference between the two, but Streamzoo offers a better and wider community you can share photos with than Instagram does. Between the two it comes down to preferences, what you like and what you prefer and so on. I really like Streamzoo’s social options compared to Instagram, it seems more thought out and designed a lot better. Not only that, it feels a whole lot easier to use than Instagram. On Instagram it feels harder to find others photos than it does on Streamzoo unless your just following friends and family via Facebook, twitter or something.

You can follow users like you do on twitter. You can follow @users and you can also use #hashtags to promote your photos among the Streamzoo community. Through that you are awarded points to compete with your friends on who has the best photos. As the standard is, you can also like and comment on different photos on Streamzoo.

The only thing your going to notice a difference with Instagram and Streamzoo is that Streamzoo does not have Instagrams advanced camera features and technology. While that’s really cool to have, if you have a decent camera, say around 8 mega-pixels, you really don’t need the advanced camera. The Instagram does have advanced focus technology in their advanced camera, but phones like the Samsung Galaxy S II, Atrix 2 and the latest Google Nexus are fine without all of that. Phones like the LG Optimus V or the Atrix need that extra boost for a good picture though.

Streamzoo and Instagram have similar filters, but Streamzoo has 18 of them while Instagram has a few less than that. Streamzoo also has 15 borders you can choose from such as white, black, film, Old Vignette, Dusty, Retro and etc. It hastons of customizations for your photos which is most welcomed. The only reason I think Streamzoo has more options than Instagram is that it’s been out longer on Google Play than Instagram. Instagram has been exclusively on the iPhone for quite some time now, thus they need time to develop it for Android more.

You also choose between 6 different Crop shapes like Square, 3×2, 16×9 and etc. There’s just a ton of things you can do with Streamzoo, a whole lot more than Instagram. Quality-wise, both apps are around the same, they both offer different features, styles and themes. I often prefer Instagram over Streamzoo because of its very well developed UI. Streamzoo’s UI is more cluttered because of the amount of features packed into the app. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great app, but I prefer to have everything organized. Again, when it comes down to it, between the two apps it comes down to preference. Each one is going to offer you something different then the other.

Streamzoo also has a few different focus settings to put on your photo. It will blur the full picture except where you decide where the focus should be on the picture. You can also decrease and increase the size of the focus option and also choose from different shapes to use. This is one of the less quality features, but hopefully improvement will come over the next few updates.

Another cool thing is you can access your photos you take on the Streamzoo app via the Streamzoo website which is simply Its a fully developed web experience, something that Instagram doesn’t have yet. I’m not even sure that they plan on doing that or not. You can log in to your Instagram account on their website but you can’t manage your photos or anything like that. Thus, if you would like to do that, Streamzoo is the better option or preference. I personally use both, but favor Instagram because of its organized UI as said above.

Streamzoo is also completely free, there are no hidden price tags anywhere. Some photo editing apps cost cash, but this app has so much quality in it and does not charge for anything. It’s a very good app that I highly suggest using if you don’t like the way Instagram works. At least give it a try, it’s free, there’s nothing to lose and honestly, I think it’ll be worth the time. If you choose not to though, Instagram recently released a new update to their app improving some different features stability-wise, added Google Nexus 7 support and also allowed sharing options to Flickr. I could of swore they had Flickr as a option before, but maybe that’s an added option for the Nexus 7 tablet.

Overall, great app. Could use some UI improvements here and there to remove the cluttered feeling of it all. Aside from that, I hope they continue putting out new updates to improve and continue the service they offer. As the app community grows, I’m sure it’ll turn out to be a really cool thing. Right now it has over 20,000 5 star reviews and constantly climbing.

Stramzoo also works very well on tablets, I haven’t had it crash on me like Instagram has yet!

Here’s a few rave reviews from the Google Play community:

“Pretty much does what instagram does but is better in the social networking area. Hash tags actually have a function and create streams that make it easy to view pictures you’re interested in.” – Meeanne

“Literally there are so much more features that instagram refuses to let its users have! I’ve just started using it and atmosphere seems less like Facebook and more of a awesome photo sharing! It’s a great app and I haven’t seen anything wrong with it!” – Bryan

¬†“I love this app! it works perfectly, is fun, and has more editing options than instgram. The set-up is simple and convienie. I have an instagram but i prefer streamzoo a lot more. The users of this app are also friendly and talented as well. This app also has more mature users unlike Instagram.” – Carina
“My phone although is an android (clearly) it is not compatible with instagram and I’ve been trying to find an app like it. My bf had it I tried it and didn’t like how limited it was. Now I’ve found this beautiful app and I love it. Seems to have more options and the fact it doesn’t single out my phone makes me love it more.” – Anonymous

Happy Photo Sharing!