Review: Sentinel 3 — The Ultimate Tower Defense for Android

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: $2.99, in app Purchases

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Tower Defense games aren’t what I would call popular. Originally the idea rose from inside other video games that allowed modding and such. Now it’s made its way to Android and iOS device. If you think about it, the Tower Defense genre is almost perfect for these types of devices, especially on a smartphone. It’s the perfect type of game for the current screen sizes we have for phones. It’s also pretty good for tablets too, I think the genre works really, really well with the touch technology. It works with the normal keyboard and mouse but when I go to play a tower defense game, I’ve found that playing it on an Android device feels like its near perfection.

With all that said, Sentinel 3: Homeworld is probably the best Tower Defenese out on the market right now for Android and iOS devices. It has a ton of content and innovation. In comparison to Great Big War Game in terms of content I’d say it’s about equal. Both games offer hours of fun, though I will say that Tower Defenses can get boring after a while. Especially when you have about 40 waves of enemies to get past. Other than that though, Sentinel 3 offers a exciting and fun experience. Lets dive right into the features that is packed into Sentinel 3: Homeworld.


Upon installing the game you will notice that you won’t be playing right away. After downloading the game you’re going to have an additional 19MB to download. In the mean time, Sentinel 3 will also detect if your device is capable of HD settings, if it is, you can choose whether to download the HD package or not. Keep in mind that this is all free, you don’t have to pay a cent for any of this (aside from the core game which you should have if you’re at this download screen). I would highly recommend downloading the high definition package as it adds a lot to the game.

The Google Play does warn you that if you experience corrupted graphics the HD version is not available for the game. While the app may say it is, phones like the DroidX have a lack of video memory, so in that case you may need to uninstall the HD pack and just go with the standard graphics. It’s not worth wrecking your video hardware over.

There are other in-app purchases you can make and unlike the sly dogs that like to tie those purchases to your device, Origin8 Technolgies, the developers of this glorious game, tie the in-app purchases to your Google Play account. That means you’ll be able to download the game on any device along with any content you purchase. Say you purchase all of your in-app content on your phone, later when you get home or return from whatever your doing, you’ll be able to play with all that on your tablet. I can’t confirm that this works on the iTunes side of things as I didn’t purchase the game a second time for those specific devices.

If you decide to make an in-app purchase, like purchasing Campaign 2, you’ll have more content to download if you have the High Definition package on. If I remember correctly, it’s not that large. I think it’s around 15mb or so. It’s not that large, but it is suggested that all these packs are downloaded over Wi-Fi because each individual pack can really add up. Between the core game, the HD graphics, additional content we’re looking at around 70mb and whatever else they decide to patch into the game. So if you have a sensitive data connection a Wi-Fi connection is highly recommended.

One thing that’s included with this game is universal support. That means that the game has been optimized to work with both phones and tablets. This also means there is HD graphics support for tablets too.

After finishing levels inside Sentinel 3 you’re going to earn experience. Experience will level up your commander therefore allowing you to give that commander new upgrades and better stats to help him become more of use. If you don’t upgrade him properly I’ve noticed that he’s basically a worthless bucket of bolts just delaying the game from ending. He does have a lot of health, so in some cases he is a great shield while you try and gather up your defenses, but other than that I can’t stress enough how important it is to do the right upgrades. I’ve found that putting random stats in him will eventually screw you over, especially if you’re on a difficult setting.

One of the cool things about Tower Defenses’ is that they always have a variety of different unlockable turrets and weapons to use as you progress though the levels or complete a certain achievement. Sentinel 3: Homeworld has over 20 different unlockable turrets and towers you can use. Not only that, but it also has tons of different orbital ship weapons. One of these is a sort of Missile Barrage, which is my favorite. If you’re in a tight spot using this ability will cause many different missiles to be shot from the Sentinel ship. They aren’t randomly shot missiles either, they track enemies so no missiles are wasted whatsoever aside from if there are no enemies currently on the map. These abilities always come in handy, so make sure you pick the right one!

Sentinel 3: Homeworld offers something that most tower defenses would not offer at all. It’s almost self-explanatory but the mode it offers is called “Endless Mode”. Endless Mode is basically a way to get a high score. You use all the abilities and towers you earn through the campaign in the endless mode to try and reach a new high score. I don’t think this mode will give you experience or gold to purchase other abilities though. It’s more of a test of strength type of thing, not something to help you with the campaign. I also noticed that in Endless Mode you can have a different Commander if you so wish, which was kind of odd as I don’t remember that being a option in the campaign.

Sentinel 3 features a campaign with 20 levels, this will take you quite a while to complete because of how long it takes to beat certain levels. After you beat the campaign you can purchase the 2nd campaign and go through that one too. That way, if you’re really into this game you’ll have tons more content to go through and things won’t just get boring in Endless Mode.


Sentinel 3 has tons of content for players to go through. I think so far Rubicon and Origin8 are may favorite Android development companies. I’ve seen a huge amount of quality content for a very cheap and justifiable price. Not only that but both companies continue to put our more and more content for their game instead of leaving it in the dust to rack up as much cash as it can before their games death. I was actually surprised to see how much content was in Sentinel 3. All the Tower Defenses I’ve played have had a minimal amount of content and maybe one to three hours of gameplay at the most. Of course, if you weren’t bored with those games, you could start over, but there was no new and fresh content added to the game.

Sentinel 3 is a great game, Origin8 Technologies did a wonderful job. It’s visually beautiful, the sound is very upbeat and lively while the gameplay is very solid. Again, the gameplay can get boring, but that’s just what you’ll find in any standard tower defense after playing level after level. What would make it a ton more phone was an option for online play or something. I can’t really say they need to put that in there because there could be some serious issues with making sure both players have their respective data packs for the game. Who knows, but it would definitely be fun to have an online play for the game.

Sentinel 3 has a $2.99 price tag which isn’t bad at all. I enjoyed every bit of money I spent on that game and still enjoy it. I honestly can’t wait to test the game out on a device that has a Tegra 3 chip instead of my phone’s Tegra 2. I may just have to write up an exclusive review for that pretty soon. Overall, I highly suggest looking into purchasing this game as it is cheap and loaded with hours of content for players to enjoy. I’m really hoping their will be another sequel to the game for Android devices as I had a ton of fun and can’t wait to see what they’ll be able to do with the game next.

Now onto the final verdict of Origin8 Technolgies’ game, Sentinel 3: Homeworld…


The graphics are simply amazing. The developers put so extraordinary detail into the game that I did not expect at all. Then, they went ahead and added an HD Data package that you could optionally download? How much better could the graphics have even got? It’s absolutely amazing to see what they did to this game graphics-wise. Comparing it to Dead Triggers’ graphics, there isn’t much of a comparison as to who wins. Dead Trigger is simply the most beautiful shooter I’ve ever seen on an Android device. Sentinel 3 is the most beautiful Tower Defense I’ve ever seen on an Android device while Cytus is the most beautiful game, period.

The graphics are stunning, yes. The effects I feel are even better though. The bullets look futuristic coming out of the Laser Tower, it’s not just something that they threw together and said “here ya go!” There was actually a focus on detail, things that you wouldn’t notice unless you were actually paying attention specifically to the graphics. Even the outside environments with the fog and such are stinkin’ amazing! Whoever did these needs a raise!

The graphics are honestly the best part of this game, the environments, the detail, it’s all so amazing. You really have to try it for yourself, the screenshots don’t even give you a full grasp as to what there is to see.


The soundtrack was great. I’m not sure how many tracks it had in it but their were a lot. It’s like a very upbeat dubstep type of music that’s constantly keeping you in the game wanting you to squash the little aliens threatening to take over your headquarters! I just loved the soundtrack, and this is coming from someone who isn’t a huge fan of dubstep music. I’ve found some I like, but really this has become my favorite. If I could download the track thats in the game, I would.

The sounds overall were great. They didn’t clash with the dubstep music neither were they too loud. The games settings didn’t automatically have them on maximum volume. All the towers have their appropriate sounds that fit very well, so do the orbital abilities along with some of the Commanders abilities. Aside from the track there isn’t a whole lot to say about the sound, it’s simply just good. They developed it well, its thrilling, it’s exciting. Not the best part of the game, but still some pretty good tracks in the game.


Gameplay? Well its definitely your standard Tower Defense that you’d find in any other game. Build towers, place towers, wave walks through, towers destroy wave. The only thing different that I’ve personally found was the Commander who can move from gate to gate in your headquarters. As I said earlier, if you don’t upgrade the stats right, he feels absolutely useless but is a good shield while you bolster your defenses. That’s really the only difference there is concerning the core gameplay.

You’ve got your unlockables that you pay gold for. Though, you do have to beat a certain amount of missions to find that technology first. Some of the towers have cool designs, but again, it’s what you’d find in any other tower defense out there. This isn’t bad, I mean, it’s a Tower Defense, are we really expecting some revolutionary innovation? I personally thought that the Commander was a very good idea in itself, it was different but at the same time didn’t take away from what we all know Tower Defenses to be like.

The gameplay was solid, well developed and just your standard gameplay in any Tower Defense game really.


There is a lot of replayability. Mainly because of the Endless Mode and the Classic Mode. In Endless Mode you use the abilities and towers you’ve purchased in the campaign and try to reach an all time high score (you could be in this mode for hours on end trying to get that score). Classic Mode gives you a bunch of preset options and then tells you to go out and beat the level. One offers a goal of getting the highest score possible while Classic Mode feels like a survival mode almost.

Both modes were welcomed. I’m not a fan of Endless Mode myself as I like to have a reason to play (if the game had OpenFeint that may be different). I think I found the campaign the most fun and had the most replayablity due to it’s beautifully designed maps and consistent map packs. Classic Mode is fun too and it does offer replayablity, I enjoy the survival aspect of it.

A lot of Tower Defenses don’t try to add new things into the game like Origin8 did. While the ideas themselves aren’t new per say, no one really ever puts them in this type of genre. I think it was refreshing to have the survival aspect of the Classic Mode in the game along with the option to just reach a all time highscore in the Endless Mode.

Overall, this game has a ton of replayablity and will offer you hours of extensive content to play through. I suggest purchasing the map packs through their Google Play option as they are all wonderfully designed and offer hours of content. Total, I think you’ll be experience about 8 – 10 hours of content before you get extremely bored with the game. Obviously, fanatics for Tower Defenses will enjoy this a whole lot more than the average user though!


Overall, the game was great. Very well developed. Graphics were solid, I didn’t have any issues with corrupted Graphics in the HD data package nor did I have any issues trying to download it. Everything feels like it was worked until perfection was reached, which I really have to thank Origin8 for doing because the result was a beautiful game. Every aspect of it is awesome and it needs more players!

It only has about 5000 reviews, which means there probably isn’t a whole lot of people that know about this game. Those people are really missing out on all the fun!



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  1. I really enjoyed this game and feel it is well worth the price for people that enjoy tower defense games. The only problem with it is that it is practically impossible to level up youir mech all the way without paying in app purchases after paying for the game to begin with. I feel like that is slimey. I totally grinded for hours to get all the mech upgrade and got nowhere.

    Paying for the 2nd campain though is alright to me though becasue you can just unlock it after beating the first one if you aren’t paitent enough.

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