Review: OfferedApp A New Way To Get Premium Apps!

There are always people out there who will not pay for an app. Whether it’s every app, or just some apps, people sometimes just find a hard time paying for apps. There are those who will willingly buy any app they choose, and others who only look for deals. That last option is something that Offered App can help with.

Offered App is a site that offers a free app every day, for completing a survey. Before you ask, no it’s not one of those lies that you come across on the internet that tries to make you pay for something to receive a discount.  OfferedApp is a legit way to gt paid apps for free. Now, don’t worry all you hard working  developers out there, OfferedApp is on your side. Unlike Amazon App Store who only gives 20%, Offered App gives developers full profit of the sale through ad revenue, so it’s a win for everyone. The website has a timer in the banner at the top displaying what app is currently available, and how long it will be available. This makes it easy it to make sure you are getting all of the free apps that you can get through this service at all times.

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I really like Offered App’s idea. If I like an app that they have for free I would definitely complete a survey to get it for free. This is where I see problems rising, however. If they don’t keep the apps that they are offering varied and interesting, Offered App could start to lose the public’s interest. I think that if Offered App stays on top of the ball and maintains a good amount of solid apps, they can really rake off. The site is built well and the service is simple and easy to use. In conclusion, I really think Offered App is a great service, and will continue to be if they maintain a steady diet of solid apps.

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  1. Will the apps we get for free receive updates like they would if we paid for them? Or is jus a one-time shot at any given app?

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