Review: Lookout Security & Antivirus – Protect Your Phone!


Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, Paid – In-App Purchase

Download: Google Play | iTunes

Viruses have been and still are flooding the internet and most recently, mobile devices. Personal Information and data get stolen on a daily basis because someone decided to download an app on a third party site that hadn’t been verified by Google Play. There’s a reason why Google has such strict rules when it comes to publishing an application on their website. There’s a reason why they charge a one time fee to get an account as a developer. Its purely to keep jerks, shady people and hackers off of their website.

If you want to nearly guarantee protection on your respective device, Lookout Security & Antivirus is a great application to ensure your device saves clean and safe from outside harm. Yes, you may not need it for iOS devices because “Apple has the best built in anti-virus ever”. If you believe that, you obviously know nothing whatsoever about technology and hackers who like to steal information. I hate to break it to you, but even Apple is hackable, many people have done it before and continue to do it. It just never makes the news.

Lookout Secruity & Antivirus protects you from all kinds of dangerous threats that could potentially destroy your device. There’s a ton of awesome features in the free version, there is a paid version that you can trial for 14 days without entering a credit card or anything. Lookout Antivirus scans each app you install on your device and even the current apps that are installed. It searches for viruses, maleware, trojans and etc. If it finds anything it cleans it up and your good to go.

Lookout also offers free weekly or even daily virus scans with their robust OTA (over the air) threat protection. This app will decrease your chances of getting a virus by a ton. You have to remember that even though you have anti-virus anything is still possibly. I know someone who downloaded an app and installed many different external links and tools on the phone. It then began hacking into registries and so on. That person even had a anti-virus on, so it’s still very possible that you can get a virus. Anti-virus protection does not guarantee to block everything. Just something to remember.

Lookout Security & Antivirus also has some other really cool features in that case that you lose your phone or something. Lookout will allow you to access your phone’s location on Google Maps if you left at a friends house. If someone stole it even, you would be able to easily find it. Just because of this feature I would totally recommend downloading the app.

If you lost your phone or tablet in your house, or just want to scare the pants off of whoever stole your device you can activate a very loud alarm even if your device is set to silent. Obviously you’ll have to do this from the Lookout site which is

Lookout Security also offers backup and restore features in the case that your phone does get a virus to the point that you may just have to do a factory data reset. Let’s hope that never happens. It is good to be prepared for it though. That way you don’t have to reinstall 500mb of apps straight off the internet all over again.

Lookout Security is trying to do its best to keep all its users from harms way when it comes to viruses, maleware, trojans and etc.

Premium Features:

Premium is a really good idea if you want the fullest protection you can get out of Lookout. Lookout Security will block phishing sites, along with phishing text messages and emails from being sent to your device.¬† Lookout also comes with a privacy detector. It will tell you what permissions your apps on your device are using. Such as text message reading, phone state, GPS location and etc. This is very in the case of Live Wallpapers trying to access that information for no reason whatsoever. It’s also helpful if there was an update to an app that decided it wanted to start using your GPS location and some other intrusive information.

Lastly, Lookout offers a remote lock & swipe. You can securely lock your phone if its lost or stolen to prevent others from accessing your private data and information. You can also remotely delete any sensitive data you have on your device if needed through the myLookout website. There are over 234,000 5 star reviews of this app on Google Play. It has been a severe help to many people with many different Android and iOS devices. It’s definitely an app worth purchasing to keep yourself protected from harm. It could also potentially help you save $400 on a new device if something really bad ends up happening with your registries and internal data.

Google Play Reviews:

“Awesome app,works great. Very few poor reviews have valid pnts. Many are too dumb for technology on smart phones. Many people rated this app poorly bcs they couldn’t uninstall. Took me less than 30 seconds to find answer via google. Found out how to uninstall when I wanted to try other security apps. Go to settings-security-select device administrators-uncheck box. Or it may be preinstalled on their phone-which the carrier is responsible for and can’t be uninstalled, just like many others” – Ryan

“I lost my cell while riding my HD. 35 miles later i realized that it was lost, you program found it in about 45 seconds…thank you!” – Chuck

“Don’t know if most folks are like me but whenever I load, install, run, anti virus programs something inside my head says, is this really doing what it says it does and how do I know it? Yeah, that’s me. But with Lookout never, not once have I ever asked myself that question. Seriously. From day one Lookout has protected me flawlessly. It shows me what it’s doing, where it’s going and tells me when it is done, quickly– -very quickly. It will even find my phone whenever I misplace it” – UncleBarry

Stay safe!