Review: Lookout Ad Network Detector

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Ads are a huge thing in many of todays applications on Google Play. Though Google has gotten harsher on their policies when it comes to ads, ads still are pretty dominant in applications where seen or not seen. Fortunately there are many resources out there to opt out of different ads. Though sometimes that may be difficult and require a lot of different information it is possible. It’s got even more possible with an app developed by the guys who developed the Lookout Anti-Virus for mobile devices. They have created a quality application that basically searches for different ads. That’s all it does.

How it Works

Lookout Ad Network Detector scans all the applications on your device (both hidden and seen) searching for different ads that are appearing in your applications. It then comes up with a comprehensive list of different ads in the applications. It categorizes them by company or type of ad and then tells you what said ad does. Not only that, but it gives you an option to opt out the ads and therefore will no longer be shown on your device. I don’t know if this feature actually works because I was hesitant to mess with the ads in games that developers us for revenue. What I did do is remove the ads with the Lookout Ad Network Detector that were sending push notifications to my device. I can confirm that that ad is now completely gone and never to be seen again!

How does this help you though? If you’re having trouble with ads spamming your apps Lookout does offer an option to opt out of such ads that are targeted towards you. Once you opt out of that you will begin receiving ads that are not targeted towards you and are based off of random chance. This isn’t much help when it comes to trying to eliminate ads off of your device, you’re essentially going to have to uninstall all applications that are ad supported to do that.

What I found this app useful for was to search down the applications that were pushing spam notifications to my device. It made it very easy to find and then it also made it very easy for me to uninstall it. The Lookout Ad Network Detector actually lists the core application that is pushing ads to your device. Not only that, but there’s a link to the application settings from the app to uninstall said application.

I’ve found that it works very well when trying to hunt down the ads that are sending notifications to your device along with some other things I didn’t know about it. As for performance, it scanned all my applications very fast and didn’t crash during the scanning once. The scanning took about 8 seconds to finish and had every app and ad business listed.

This application is free, so I highly recommend getting it if you’re having trouble figuring out what ad is coming from where. It’s very useful in certain situations and will even tell you if ads are collecting personal data.