Review: GasBuddy

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play | iTunes has created an app for both Android and iOS devices with the goal being to help you save money on gas by helping you find the cheapest gas in your area or even around you. People all over the world are constantly helping update this app to keep accurate gas prices. Not only that, but the community of users who help keep it updated are rewarded with points for giveaway entries which will allow you to enter in for a $250 gas card every week.

If you’re going on a trip that may take a couple hours or even days to get there, by opening up this app and entering in your location or letting it find your location for you, it will search for the nearest gas stations with the cheapest gas listed first and how many miles away it is from your location. I can imagine this would be especially helpful for those who drive trucks for living as the amount of money they spend on gas is insanity. I’m sure not many truckers care how much money they spend on gas since the company they drive for pays for it, but if you want to help your company save on gas, this is an outstanding app to help you with that goal.

If you have no idea where the gas station is when it lists it on GasBuddy, it’s very easy to touch your selected station and then touch the directions option which will then open up the GPS feature on your phone and direct you to where the station is at.

Another feature on this app is your favorites list. Gas stations you wish to favorite will go onto that list. After adding favorites, a quick tap on the favorites button will show you your favorite gas stations much like it would regularly show gas stations but limits it to what you’ve put on that list. This is helpful if your specifically looking for a certain gas station because you have a rewards card, special offer or just know that that stations gas is generally cheaper most of the time.

You also have a profile option on GasBuddy. All this does is shows your points total and earned and also has an option to show some awards you’ve received from GasBuddy. Awards and points encourage you to report gas prices from gas stations you’ve been too. Earning rewards is kind of just a fun thing, but winning a $250 gas card is a very amazing feeling that everyone wants to experience.

My favorite part of this app is the settings. The settings allow you to choose your fuel type, the distance your willing to travel and the option to show all stations with current prices or prices that haven’t been updated in a while. Also, because of the way the app was built they’ve added a feature where you can choose to use the default keyboard to easily report prices to the app. This is very helpful if you’ve downloaded a custom keyboard and find it rather difficult to use that keyboard in this app.

This is another great app that I haven’t found issues for yet. It has saved a lot of money in gas and has always been very accurate when used. Even times when I was in the middle of nowhere it was able to find a gas station I have never heard of or knew was even there which happened to be only two miles from my location. I honestly don’t know what I have ever done without this app.

If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet with you, GasBuddy also has a website you can check in advance before you leave your home for cheap gas for wherever you’re going. It takes a bit more work to get around but is still fairly easy to use.

There are other apps that find gas, but I have never found one that’s been free and so very accurate like GasBuddy. It’s a high quality app for free and lets you enter in for free gas cards for simply just reporting gas prices. What else could you ever want from an app like this?