Review: Nook – e-Book On The Go!

Available On: Android, iOS

Price: Free, in-App Purchases

Download: Google Play | iTunes

No one said you ever needed an e-Reader to have the full Nook book experience. The Nook app for mobile devices offers the full e-Reader experience that the Nook Tablet or Nook Color offers. It’s a great app and has over two million different books you can choose from. There’s even quite a few free books to read from along with samples from paid versions of books you can download for free. The Nook app offers an unlimited amount of content with new titles releasing on a daily basis. Yes, an e-Book isn’t like flipping those crisp pieces of paper to get to the next page, but the Nook tries to help with that by adding a page turning animation. Paperback and hardcover books are always the way to go in my opinion, but having an e-Reader for those e-Reader exclusive titles is always helpful. Downloading the free app I think is a lot better than purchasing the e-Reader itself. The screen size is bigger on the e-Reader but if you have a tablet already, it doesn’t really matter and reading a book on your smartphone is really not that bad.

One cool thing about this app is you can choose your preferred font size. If you like reading small text, you can read small text. If you like reading large text, you can read large text. If you can’t figure out what a word means as your reading through the book, you can simply highlight it and search it in the dictionary. That is an awesome feature to have inside the app as pausing your reading and looking up a word is rather annoying. The Nook app also comes with lighting features if your reading in the dark. You’ll have choices whether to brighten up the paper or dim it for every lighting environment your in.

The Nook app also syncs the last page you were on, so if you accidentally close the app or need to put the book aside for a while, when you load the app up again, the app will take you directly to where you last stopped reading. If you have the Nook app downloaded on your tablet or computer and those are linked to the same account as your smartphone, it’ll sync between those too!

Another cool feature in this app as that you can lend books to friends through the Nook app with the LendMe feature which comes loaded with free books!

This app is perfect for the e-Book lover, and perfect for those who are wanting to read the exclusive e-Reader titles but don’t want to throw down $200 on an actual e-Reader. This free alternative is a lot better than the Kindle app. Kindle seems to focus more on aesthetics than the stability, performance and features of the app, which is why I like Nook a whole lot more!

I really suggest getting the Nook App, it’s been a really easy way for me to pick up something and read it. Also, $40 books are often $20 – $30 cheaper as a e-Book, so if you don’t have money at the time to buy a physical paperback or hardcover book, purchasing as a e-Book for a while might just be a good idea. A plus to that is you’ll get to see if the book actually is any good without blowing a hole in your wallet.

That’s also another feature in the Nook App! Saving you money and preventing burned wallet holes!

Some reviews from Google Play:

“I’m not sure why others are having problems with the app -I haven’t had any issues at all.I would like to see the reading now button, but honestly it’s not that big of a deal because there is a blue “book mark” ribbon across what you are currently reading. This is much better than the Kindle app and offers more options for customizing, plus it has the cool page-turn animation which I for one love.” – Shimmer

“I use the app all the time to read on the go and not carry my Color around. My biggest complaint is that highlights, bookmarks (and I assume notes) and current page don’t sync between the devices even thought the library is cloud-based. Also, it would be nice if there was a setting to automatically open to last page read instead of the library.” – Jennie

“This app is a must for people who read a lot. You can start reading on your tablet and pick up reading on your phone without skipping a beat.” – Jenna

“Nothing really else to say. I had previously thought that Kobo was the best reader, but the nook app has even better formatting and a very ibooks like page turn animation. Might be a simple thing to most, but to me it makes me that muscular more immersed in reading. Great app” – Rollie

Happy reading!