Review: ColorNote Notepad

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

The notepad on iOS devices is very popular and loved by many. Unfortunately, android users have not been able to use this because there has been nothing like it. I have good news for you today, I have actually found an app that is fairly similar to iOS’s Notepad. ColorNote Notepad was created by a company that is simply called “Notes.” This isn’t your standard iOS Notepad as it offers a bunch of customization and a lot of variety in notes. It’s very well developed and I honestly love the variety that is in ColorNote. The best of it all? It’s free!

The first thing I did upon opening the app is went into the settings and checked out all of the different customization that ColorNote allowed you to do. There is a lot. Ranging from syncing all of your notes across a bunch of devices to just created backups on your sd card, there is a ton of customization available. From the settings you can change the default color of your notepad and in this case if you’re looking to get the iOS style you would choose yellow. ColorNote offers a bunch of different colors though. You’ll be able to switch your ColorNote Notepad to orange, purple, green, black, red and much, much more.

Like I said earlier, ColorNote has a ton of different customization options and one of those is the option to sync your notes online. I’m assuming this will put it across your other devices like a tablet or a PC to access over the internet. It’s not required to create an account with ColorNote, if it’s more convenient for you, you can sign in under your Facebook or Google account to sync them. I don’t sync my notes as I usually just keep separate ones on different devices.

The other cool thing you can do in ColorNote is add widgets to your home screen on your phone or tablet. You can add any note you’ve created to your home screen as a widget as long as you have room on your screen. Since ColorNote also supports the ability to create shopping lists and to-do lists you’ll be able to add those to your home screen as well. This makes it a whole lot faster to access your notes and sometimes even more convenient. This is a great feature in ColorNote and so far, the widgets haven’t crashed on me at all.

Overall, the app is very stable and very nicely designed. It’s very obvious that the developers put some time into it and didn’t make it just a direct copy off of the iOS style of notepad. The best part is that all of it is free and it’s not even supported by ads. Syncing is free and so is all the customization options. Most developers usually ask for you to purchase a full version for syncing, not this one though! I was very pleased to find that the app was table and working. Not only that, but it has a lot of quality work put into it.

Highly suggested!