Review: Abduction! by Psym Moble

Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

If you’re looking for a game like Doodle Jump but were really upset with their recent update, Psym Mobile has developed something called “Abudction!” It has some crazy rave reviews and its most recent update has even removed a lot of the ads the game has. There’s even a pretty crazy story behind all of it too. So not only can you try and keep getting the highest score possible but you’ll also be climbing platforms to try and save your friends that were abducted by aliens. It’s a pretty silly concept, especially with the fact that you play as a cow.

This game is basically Doodle Jump with more difficulties and a lot more option than what Doodle Jump has ever had. Essentially all you’re doing is getting as high as you can trying to get the highest score. Once you get your highest score you’ll have the choice to either store that high score locally or post it online with ScoreNinja  (another application that allows users to post their high scores online. Don’t install the application unless a game tells you otherwise it does nothing on its own).

When it comes to graphics in Abudction! It’s really nothing special. In fact, if we’re comparing it to Doodle Jump, Doodle Jump has 100x better graphics than Abudction! has. The graphics are no stumbling block though. Things are not cutting through the screen nor are they completely disappearing like things have in Doodle Jump.  They definitely made sure to put some quality work into the game. I’m really surprised I haven’t experienced any bugs as of yet.  There are a few problems I have with Abduction though. I love how it has all these different difficulties for you to play through and all, but the game is literally a living advertisement for their expansion to the game.

I know the game is free and all, but is it really necessary to have every other option asking you to download Abduction: World Attack? I’d be fine with a simple prompt to download their expansion for the game but the constant advertising just gets plain annoying. Sure, the expansion has a lot of new features like adventure levels and custom challenges along with the option to play against the computer, but I really do not like how much advertising is going on in this game. It’s pretty dang annoying.

The overall performance is fantastic. It works very well and has some really fluid gameplay. Another thing I don’t like about this game is that there are absolutely no sounds to it. No music, no jumping sounds, no alien sounds, not anything. It makes for a very awkward silence during your play session of the game. I’m really thinking that they just want you to pay for their expansion, World Attack. At least, I hope that one has music and sounds in it.

I only recommend this game if you’re looking for a free substitute to Doodle Jump.