Report: Samsung’s smartphone shipments could come down by 12% next year

Samsung Galaxy S7 - Snapdragon 820

According to a new report, Samsung’s yearly shipments forecast has been brought down by the company for 2016, which suggests that the company is not looking to sell as many devices in 2016 as it did this year.

It is said that the company’s mobile shipments could be cut down by 12% in 2016, which is quite a significant cut if this report is indeed true. The fact of the matter is that Samsung no longer enjoys the dominance that it once did in the mobile industry. This is largely due to the emergence of newer players and Chinese juggernauts like Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, Lenovo and the likes.

Apple’s global dominance with the iPhone also remains a growing concern for the Korean manufacturer. This year, we saw four highly capable flagships releasing from Samsung, but none of them had as big an impact as many had hoped for. Perhaps by bringing down the volume of sales next year, Samsung can focus more on its products and decrease losses and the number of unsold products.

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Source: Korea Times

Via: Sam Mobile