Red HTC Droid DNA For Verizon Employees Pictured


Some of you may be a bit jealous of a device that you can’t buy, but it seems that Verizon has a red Droid DNA available exclusively for their employees. Below are the first pictures of the device, which were obtained by our friends over at Droid-Life. There’s nothing new about this device aside from the color change, everything under the hood is the same. What was once black is now red. The color actually isn’t that bad, albeit it may be a bit of an eye sore to some. Speaking of an eye sore, we all know how much Verizon loves to stamp their logos all over the devices that they sell, and the Droid DNA proves to be no exception to that rule. In addition to the usual logos, Verizon wanted to make sure that their employees new this was an exclusive device to Verizon employees by plastering “Verizon Employee Limited Edition” on the back of the device. Seems a bit unnecessary to me, but the device still looks pretty nice, and like I said earlier, it’s definitely going to not fit everyone’s liking.

I have to say, I’m really not a tad bit jealous over this device. I really like the consumer edition with sprinkles of red on it. Everyone’s tastes are different though.

On another note, this device will fit nicely with Verizon’s array of exclusive devices. Just a few months ago Verizon employees also have access to exclusive versions of the Droid RAZR HD and the Droid RAZR MAXX HD.


source: Droid-Life