Rebtel VoIP app finally comes to iPad


People who are not aware what Rebtel is, would be surprised to learn that it is the largest VoIP provider in in the world, operating independently. Skype held that crown before it was bought in by Microsoft. Rebtel now claims more than 17 million users all around the world, increasing everyday owing to the low cost calling services it provides.

Rebtel’s presence can be noticed across several platforms such as the iOS, Android, Windows, and now, iPad. Although it was possible to use the Rebtel iPhone app on the iPad, the company’s step to launch a dedicated iPad app has been welcomed by its huge user base. The app has many new features, unique to the iPad version, such as completely new navigation, overhauled graphics and the ability to integrate the app with your phonebook.

Calls between Rebtel users are free, just like they are on Skype. The biggest selling point of Rebtel is the very cheap rate they offer for making calls to any number in your phone book. The company claims that their rates are far lesser than the rates at Skype. Apart from calling, Rebtel also provides international SMS services at a price which might be 60 per cent lesser than what you’d pay your carrier.

Future looks bright for the company, as its customer base continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. The launch of this iPad app will enable even more users to gain access to the extraordinarily cheap calling service that Rebtel provides. Since the popularity of tablets is steadily increasing, Rebtel aims to adapt to the market trend and focus more on making their products tablet friendly. This makes sure that we can expect the Android version of Rebtel to come out soon enough, and then maybe a Windows phone app after that.