Radio Shack Blowing Out All T-Mobile Post Paid Phones With A New Two Year Agreement

Radio Shack was very vocal last month when announcing that Verizon Wireless would replace the shelf space that had been set aside for T-Mobile in Radio Shack stores. Naturally, Verizon Wireless is an excellent carrier to add to your repertoire. Take that and couple it with the fact that since the T-Mobile merger announcement customers have been leery of purchasing a new T-Mobile phone on contract and you get this.

Radio Shack has announced via their official social media channels that all T-Mobile phones are free with a new two year contact, including the new T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide and the HTC Sensation 4G, two of this summer’s hottest devices.

Although there’s no official end date for this promotion, we are hearing that it’s going to be this way until September 15th when Verizon Wireless takes over. We’ve also heard that replenishment is about to dry up if it hasn’t already and Radio Shack stores will finish selling through what’s left in their distribution centers.

Source: Pocketnow