Quick Look: Glu Mobile’s Super KO Boxing 2 & Family Guy Uncensored For The Sony Xperia Play

Look this time it’s important to note that any delay for the Sony Xperia Play in the United States has been caused by supply chain problems because of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Although just rumored, the Sony Xperia Play was supposed to have been announced by Verizon a couple of weeks ago, and although they have not said a date it’s coming and soon.

So we’ve spent some time with the Sony Xperia Play and it’s a lot of fun.  You see Im in my 30s and as much as I’d like to take the PSP or the Nintendo 3DS out with me to stand in a line, during lunch or heck in a meeting that’s really boring, you can’t it’s just not proper. Well thanks to the fine folks at Sony Ericsson you can with the Xperia Play.

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Screw keyboards, taking videos and even taking pictures this fun is about the game and some  of the best game publishers and developers have come out of the gate with some great titles ready for the Sony Xperia Play.

Here we take a quick look at Glu Mobile’s Super KO Boxing 2 and Family Guy Uncensored.  Now please keep in mind I play games for fun and have the hand eye coordination of a pea so I suck at games but here you go.

Super KO Boxing 2

Family Guy Uncensored