Qualcomm’s New Ingenious Web Ad Series Shows the Merits of Waiting at a Bus Stop


Advertising is a massive industry, both for the advertisers and the audience/public. People usually get motivated by ads these days and it helps them make an informed decision regarding their purchase. It’s grown to such an extent that it eventually boils down to which company has the better advert. And in this day and age, one way to make an ad popular is to make it go “viral”. Making something go viral isn’t actually deliberate, but it usually happens when the idea is peppy and unique. We have one new ad to discuss about today and this one is made by globally acclaimed chip maker Qualcomm. The company has started off a series of web ads known as ‘Born Mobile‘ and it involves a lot of fancy ideas. The concept of Born Mobile began from CES this year where the company held a keynote whilst announcing the new Snapdragon 600 and 800 series chips.

This ingenious new ad campaign involves random people waiting for their bus in the bus stand. And while they’re there, they read an ad next to them which highlights a URL to try out for those who are bored. When they open the link from their smartphone, they are given an option to continue being bored and wait for their bus or to reach their destination quickly. What follows next is pure awesome, as a barrage of fancy rides are brought forth for the person standing in the bus stop. The rides include a Lamborghini, a sled dog cart, a puppy bus among other surprises. The people standing are virtually taken by surprise and we can make that out by their reaction. It’s commendable how Qualcomm manages to spark up these ads by choosing random people as the subject. The core essence of these ads are that we’re all Born Mobile these days and that’s how we want things to be – quick and immediate. Maybe that’s a hint towards these quick and speedy Snapdragon 600 and 800 processors that we’ll see being used in plenty of 2013 devices.

The chip maker has plenty of things to look forward to in the current year and we’re guessing it involves a whole lot of ad campaigns as well. We’re not sure if Qualcomm expects to do a lot more of this specific series of web ads, but we’re sure people wouldn’t mind being pampered by the world’s favorite mobile chip maker. With the Mobile World Congress just around the corner, it makes sense for Qualcomm to spark up some excitement as there is going to be quite a few smartphones with Snapdragon chips being announced during the course of the event.

So the next time you’re waiting for a bus, make sure you check out the bus bench ads first. For now, you should spare some time and watch the videos below, I promise it won’t be a waste of your time. And let us know which ones you liked the most.

Via: Android Community