Qualcomm confirms that the Snapdragon 810 has been ditched from a future flagship

Snapdragon 810

There has been plenty of talk about Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chip facing overheating related issues. It was also believed that these issues have forced Samsung to use their own homegrown Exynos 6 chip for the upcoming Galaxy S6 flagship. While none of this was official, Qualcomm has almost confirmed it today.

The chip maker has announced that at least one major manufacturer has canceled plans of using the Snapdragon 810 chip on its upcoming flagship. Qualcomm¬†hasn’t specified as to who this manufacturer is, but our best guess would be Samsung given what we’ve heard over the past couple of weeks or so. This revelation was made in the company’s quarterly results, where it announced¬†lowered sales and revenue estimates for the coming quarter.

Previous reports have mentioned that LG and Sony have delayed the launch of their flagships due to the issues faced by Snapdragon 810. However, LG only recently unveiled the G Flex 2 handset and has gone on record to say that the chipset has no such issues.

All eyes will be set on Samsung now, which is expected to announce the Galaxy S6 flagship in early March. Will they go with the Exynos 6 chipset as rumors have repeatedly hinted? Only time can tell.

Source: Qualcomm (earnings report)

Via: 9to5Google