Protect Your Privacy: Block Numbers on your Samsung Galaxy A50

How to Block a Number on Galaxy A50

Are you tired of unwanted calls and texts on your Samsung Galaxy A50? If so, don’t worry, you can easily block numbers on your device. By blocking numbers, you can take control of your phone’s calls and messages and enjoy a spam-free experience. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of blocking a number on the Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones offer a number of ways for you to block unwanted phone calls from certain phone numbers. You use any of the inbuilt Samsung communication apps such as Phone, Contacts, and Messages. Just refer to the outlined steps as follows.

Blocking a Number via Phone App

Performing these steps will take you to the Phone app settings where you can add new numbers to block.

Step 1: To get started, launch the Phone app by tapping on the app’s shortcut from the Home screen or Apps tray. 

Just look for the green phone icon from either screen and then tap on it to launch the app.

Step 2: While in the Phone app’s screen, tap on the More icon (three vertical dots). 

Doing so opens a side menu with more options.

Step 3: Tap Settings from the given options to proceed. 

The Phone app settings menu will load up next.

Step 4: To continue, tap Block numbers. 

Another screen will open, providing you the fields to enter the phone number that you want to block.

Step 5: Tap Add phone number that’s represented by a Plus (+) sign and then type in the phone number to add to the blocklist. 

The phone number is now blocked.

Quick tip:

  • If the phone number you want to block is from your recent calls, you can just launch the Phone app then navigate to the Recents tab. Select the phone number that you want to block. On the next screen, tap Details and then tap Block.

The selected phone number will then be added to your block list, barring it from reaching you through calls and texts.

Blocking a Number via Samsung Messages

Aside from the stock phone application, the built-in Samsung Messages application also has its own blocking option that you can use to block certain phone numbers from sending texts to  your device. 

Here are the steps to block a number in the Samsung Messages app on your Samsung Galaxy A50:

Step 1: To get started, open the Samsung Messages app and then navigate to the conversation with the number you want to block. 

Step 2: Tap to select the number or name at the top of the screen and then select the option to Block number.

Step 3: If you don’t see Block number, tap Details then tap More to view more options. 

Step 4: Select Block or Block contact from the given options.

Step 5: Finally, tap Block to confirm action.

Quick Notes:

  • You can also navigate to the Contacts tab in the Messages app and then see if the number to block is already added as a contact. Tap More to view additional information then tap Block contact. Finally tap Block to confirm action and add the number to your block list.

By then you will no longer receive messages from that number in your Samsung Messages app. 

Blocking a number in Samsung Contacts app

The inbuilt Contacts application in Samsung Galaxy smartphones also has its own blocking option, making the app an alternative tool to block someone from calling or texting your device.

Here are the steps to block a number in the Samsung Contacts app on your Samsung Galaxy A50:

Step 1: To begin, tap the Contacts icon from the Home screen or Apps tray. 

Step 2: While in the Contacts app main screen, find the contact you want to block.

Step 3: Once found, tap on the contact to open more details.

Step 4: On the succeeding window, tap Edit in the upper right corner. Doing so loads up all available editing options.

Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Block contact from the given options.

Step 6: If prompted, confirm the block by tapping Block.

The selected contact will no longer be able to call or send text messages to  your number unless you change your mind and remove it from your block list.

Blocking a number using third-party apps

You can also make use of a third-party application to block numbers on your Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone. These apps can be downloaded for free or via one-time fee via Google Play Store.

Among the most popular and widely used third-party call blocking apps for Android smartphones including the Galaxy A50 variant include Call Blocker, Mr. Number, Truecaller, Call Control, Blacklist Plus, Should I Answer, Calls Blacklist, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus, and NQ Call Blocker, to name some.

These apps generally offer a variety of features to help you manage and block unwanted calls and texts on your smartphone.

View/Edit Block List on Galaxy A50

The number(s) that you added to your block list can be managed through Settings-> Blocked numbers menu of your device.

Should you wish to remove someone from your block list, just head over to the said menu then use the option to Delete/Unblock a phone number, if needed.

Hope this helps!

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