Protect Your Photos On Your Android Phone With These Apps

Yesterday we brought you the story that was breaking across the internet in regards to Android phones allowing access to your photos from apps. You can see the whole story here, but the jist of it is that like computers, your photos are stored locally on your “hard drive” and of course apps could access them.

Google said that they are considering a future update to Android that would require permission for apps to  access your photos online. While you’re waiting these apps could help protect your photos.

See the app suggestions after the break

Secret Vault By NQ Mobile:

Now this is a useful app all around. With Secret vault you can hide both SMS messages and photos. Sure people are going to instantly think this app is perfect for cheaters, and it is, however there are other places where this app would come in handy. If you are the kind of person that leaves your phone on a table and others just pick it up and start browsing, you may want those sensitive business texts or prototype pictures hidden.

With the latest scare in photo privacy you can put all your photos in Secret Vaults photo box and they would be blocked from any apps that access your photos stored on your phone. Secret Vault is free and available here


Fotobounce and Fotobounce Viewer
Fotobounce’s beck and call seems to be this exact issue. Fotobounce uses SSL encryption to download photos from your computer to your phone and push photos from your phones camera back to your computer. With Fotobounce there is no question of whether or not apps can access your photos, because if you’re using Fotobounce for all of your photos than they are never stored locally on your phone.

Also in playing with the app a bit we discovered that photos downloaded from your computer back to your phone are viewable in the Fotobounce viewer and kept separate from the rest of your photos.

Fotobounce is available here for your computer and the viewer app is available here from the Android Market

Box For Android is offering a great promotion which seems to be long term, at least for now, where you can get 50g free cloud based storage for simply downloading the app and logging in with your account using your Android phone. allows an easy way for you to sync files and transfer files between your computer and your Android phone. With their 50gb of free storage this app really adds space to your phone.

As far as photos go, if you make it a habit to upload your photos to your account and then erase them from your phones gallery, voila problem is fixed. for Android appears in your share choices when you click to share a photo.

You can download the Android app from here.