Prehistoric Park Will Remind You Of Rollercoaster Tycoon [Review]


Available On: Android

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Prehistoric Park reminds me of old classics like Rollercoaster Tycoon. While not a direct copy, Prehistoric Park does provide some welcome similarities including keeping your customers happy by providing sitting areas, restrooms, drinking fountains and a variety of rides to choose from.

I have very few complaints for this game aside from my usual frustration with micro transactions (albeit, Prehistoric Park handles the issue much better than most games) and I also noticed a lot of frames dropping when animations would play (e.g. a customer would bounce on a trampoline, as the animation played you could literally watch frames drop every time it looped).

Many players will enjoy Prehistoric Park simply because it is well built, will remind (some) players of Rollercoaster Tycoon (a fantastic game) and the game is free. Well, aside from the micro transactions, which is a bit annoying. Micro transactions are very cheap when it comes to purchasing in-game gold coins compared to many other games, but I feel that things would have worked out a lot better if the game were to cost $4.99 on the Play Store or something. The content in the game is certainly worth $4.99, but I really do not like how you feel limited as to what you can do in the game without the use of gold coins. I ended up buying some to get a better picture of the game, and they really don’t last you long, as some of the things you use gold coins for are really expensive.

Prehistoric Park will remind some players of games like Farmville (to a certain degree) in the sense that you will have to wait for rides to complete in real-time. I really didn’t like that though; it was more of an annoyance than anything. The way it was designed and put together, it just felt very limiting to me. I know that having things done in real-time encourages players to come back, but I really felt like it didn’t work very well. Of course, it’s well designed for what the developers tried to accomplish, but I, as a player, felt really limited as to what I could.

Overall Prehistoric Park is a great game, especially for those who enjoy things being done in real-time (and there are a lot of you who like that). I think players will find a draw to this game simply because it isn’t plagued with ads, micro transactions really aren’t that expensive (but even the least expensive transactions can burn a hole in your wallet) and you can play the game without gold coins if you so wished to (although, you do feel pretty limited without them).

Prehistoric Park is currently available on the Google Play Store.  I’m not entirely sure whether this is an Android-exclusive title or if it just isn’t available on iOS yet. A couple of searches didn’t bring in any results for Prehistoric Park on the App Store.

I highly suggest giving the game a go just to experience it for yourself. Prehistoric Park is a game the lacks no shortage of quality. You’d be robbing yourself for not playing it.

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