Pop Cap’s Plants Vs Zombies At DragonCon

   One thing we knew when we heard that Pop Cap’s Plants vs Zombies was coming to Android, was that it was already hugely popular on iOS devices.  Of course when it came over to Android it became equally as popular.  With Android beating iOS by nearly double, we’re sure Pop Cap (now owned by Electronic Arts) is quite happy with the results.

If you’re not familiar with “Plants Vs Zombies”, you need to go download it.  It’s a premium game and the Amazon app store usually has a better price on it than the official Google Android Market.  Plants Vs Zombies is a very addictive game.  What you have to do is plant seeds for plants that will kill the zombies.  If a zombie makes it from his side of the yard to your house the game is over.  Don’t worry though everyone has a lawnmower on each line to kill off the zombies. But you only get one lawnmower per line.

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    Confused yet? Don’t be, it seems confusing at first but after you figure it out it’s fun, addictive and time consuming. Sometimes when I’m looking for a game it’s to kill time and Plants Vs Zombies will do that for you.

Plants Vs Zombies (or PvZ for short) is taking off like wild fire.  One way you know that your game is a smash hit is when you start seeing merchandise, t-shirts and costumes everywhere.  Sure we’ve seen the Angry Birds pop up here and there and even Fruit Ninjas, but this weekend at DragonCon in Atlanta we found a whole Plants Vs Zombies group that had both plants and zombies.

Dragon Con is in it’s 25th year and has a lot of interesting panels this year on hacking, mobile gaming, phone security, hacking, jailbreaking and rooting phones.  Two of Android’s biggest celebrity fans Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day are paneling all weekend long. And yes we checked Felicia Day uses both iOS and Android.

There’s also a panel on the new video game law in California, and one on WKRP which thedroidguy has already called 4 times to make sure we’re covering.  We’ll be back later with more coverage of Dragoncon 2011. Check out our Lightbox LiveShare and Twitter for pics.