Pokémon GO will soon reach your Android Wear devices

Pokemon GO

When Niantic announced an Apple Watch version of #PokémonGO and mentioned that it would be arriving on the platform first, many of us were taken by surprise. But it seems like the game will also make its way to Android Wear smartwatches soon enough, although the timeframe is not clear at the moment.

Some decent data mining done by a fan site has uncovered that the Android Wear version of the game is almost ready while it would apparently be compatible with a variety of Android Wear devices. However, we don’t think legacy smartwatches will be compatible due to hardware limitations.

But all things considered, this is excellent news for lovers of Pokémon GO on Android who were a little disappointed with the Apple Watch announcement. An interesting point to note here is that the game will apparently function independently even if it isn’t running on the phone. This will help you save battery on your phone and let you catch some Pokémon with just your wearable.

Source: Pokemon GO Hub

Via: Techno Buffalo