Pokémon GO has apparently made $160 million so far

Pokemon GO

A new report has mentioned that Pokémon GO has already earned about $160 million in revenues since it was launched on the 6th of July. This is quite a feat as the game hasn’t even crossed the 1-month mark yet. The figure covers both the Android and iOS version of the app.

The report goes on to mention that the average daily usage time of the game is higher than Facebook with users estimated to spend about 26 minutes and 5 seconds each day playing Pokémon GO.

These numbers haven’t been published officially by Nintendo or Niantic, so we’re not sure what to make of it. But given the surge in Nintendo’s stocks since the game went live, it wouldn’t strike us as surprising if the game did end up making that much money. Although the game is offered for free, it comes with in-app purchases, which allows users to get an upper hand over other players.

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Source: Sensor Tower

Via: Techno Buffalo