Pockethernet Transforms Your Android Smartphone Into An Ethernet Cable And Network Tester

Network administrators will know that equipment dedicated for testing and troubleshooting a network can be expensive and oftentimes bulky. This is where Pockethernet comes in as it is called as “The Swiss army knife for Network administrators.” It is a small device that works with an Android smartphone and is able to test the Ethernet cable and the network.


Those familiar in setting up a computer network will know that Ethernet cables are very important. If something goes wrong in the connection then there might not be any connectivity at all. This is why tools are needed to verify if everything is in order.

The best thing about Pockethernet is that it costs just one tenth of the price of a dedicated network tester while providing almost the same features. It can be used in the following scenarios.

  • Installing and troubleshooting Ethernet cables and devices
  • Setting up routers, switches, computers, IP phones and cameras
  • Building Ethernet networks

Its key features include

  • Measure the length of cable and see how much is left on the reel.
  • Finds faults such as split pairs and short circuits and even tells you the exact location of the faults.
  • Locate cables in the wall or in batches with the toning feature.
  • Check Ethernet and Internet connectivity.
  • Documents the work done and saves it as a pdf file

Pockethernet connects to an Android smartphone using Bluetooth. An accompanying app is also needed to be installed on the smartphone before it can be used. Once both devices are paired the smartphone will act as a display where the user can view all important information regarding the network.

Tests can be done in simple mode which is suited for semi-professionals. There is also an advanced mode which gives more detailed information and is best used by professionals.

This device sits in between cheap wire testers to the more expensive high end equipment. The retail version will cost only $199.

Right now a campaign is being started at Indiegogo to raise a goal of $50,000 to fund this device. As of this writing it has already raised $71,951 with 28 days still left in the campaign.

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