Play Store Edition HTC One hits Bluetooth SIG with Android 4.3


Further confirming the arrival of the Android 4.3 update, an HTC One has just dropped by at Bluetooth SIG with the said version of Android. It seems like Android 4.3 will bring support for a new Bluetooth feature, which could explain the certification process which is usually reserved for upcoming devices.

While the Bluetooth SIG page doesn’t give out a whole lot of info, it is enough to assume that Google’s beloved new update is about to hit compatible devices very soon. Some claim that the update will go live with the Moto X smartphone which could be launched on the 11th of this month.

If Google is indeed planning to roll out the update this month, Nexus devices and the Google Edition smartphones will obviously be the first to get it. It is then that the manufacturers will receive the source code to prepare an update for their respective devices.

Source: Bluetooth SIG

Via: Cult of Android