Pissed At Netflix? Blockbuster To The Rescue… Not so much

Now that Blockbuster themselves have been rescued by Dish Network, they are now coming to the aid of disgruntled Netflix customers who were disturbed by Netflix recent cost increase which raised rates nearly 60%.

In response to the Netflix pricing increase Blockbuster is offering their Total Access plans at a discount to Netflix customers.  Netflix customers can sign up for Total Access at the discounted rates by visiting here or taking the tear off portion from their Netflix envelope to any remaining Blockbuster store.

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The Total Access package has some benefits but two things stick out like a sore thumb. First off there is no mention of any access to the Blockbuster mobile viewing app or streaming. There is also no mention of any kind of discount or exchange in Blockbuster’s Blue Boxes.

Although Blockbuster has been purchased out of bankruptcy, before their purchase they shut down hundreds of stores, which makes the Total Access plan and in-store exchange benefit, an inconvenience for the new customers they’re trying to attract.  If you’re willing to put up with no online streaming and a short drive though there are some benefits.

Total Access members get access to new releases quicker.  Most big time movie studios have a 28 day new release hold on Netflix which means Blockbuster customers get it quicker.  Also there is no difference in cost to rent games or blu rays.  In terms of physical DVD’s the pricing for disgruntled NetFlix customers is the exact same pricing Netflix is moving to.

Except for the game rentals, 28 day new release hold and in store exchange this is merely an attempt to remind Netflix customers that Blockbuster is here.

source: Blockbuster