Pink “Kmobs” Android Beanie Auction bids higher than Celebrities

You knew that Android was cool and had sex appeal but did you realize that the Pink “Kmobs” Android Beanie Auction for the Susan G. Komen for the cure foundation is beating out some of the greatest sports, music, tv and movie star memoribillia auctions for the same cause.

The Android Beanie Auction Listed Here, at press time is $405 which is beating out the likes of some really heavyweight items. Just to name a few:

An Avatar Memoribillia Pack $107 at press time
A Derek Jeter signed baseball card $250 at press time
A Troy Aikmen signed helmet $202.50 at press time
John Travolta Signed Poster
Goodfellas poster
And literally thousands of other items. Is it the “pinkness” of the Beanie? Is Kmobs really more popular than Cyanogen, who’s beanie went for $240 at the Big Android Barbecue? Or is it the Android Family banning together for a common cause?

Here is a link to the Auction please make sure you check it out. It’s great to see the Android Family get together on this great cause. The Auction ends on October 27 at 2:57PM Pacific Time.

source: Ebay
*The quoted prices on the items listed above including the Kmobs beanie were recorded at 8:20PM PDT on October 24, 2010 they are subject to change with new bids

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  1. To be fair, during the auction I thought it was only the cash I had in my pockets (50 bucks). Had I known I could have paid a bit later, I would’ve bid a lot higher. 😛

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