Photosynth Camera App Comes With The Windows Phone 8


Smartphone users who are fond of taking pictures using their mobile devices have more reasons to love the latest Microsoft Windows Phone 8. It comes with the addition of a camera app that will enable them to take pictures with better quality using their cell phone.

Microsoft recently announced the addition of the Photosynth 1.5 app to its latest mobile platform, the Windows Phone 8. The most appealing thing about this newest addition to the Windows Phone 8 is that users of the device can download and use this app for free from the Windows Phone Store.

Version 1.5 is the latest from Photosynth which is a free camera app launched in the second quarter of 2011 for the iPhone, iPad 2 and the iPod Touch. The app will allow Windows Phone 8 users to take photos and combine them together to create panorama images. The camera app can also take a 360-degree view of the images. After shooting and stitching the images, users can then publish their images at the Photosynth website or in Bing as an interactive image. They can share the photo to their friends, family and other people via social media platforms as well such as Facebook and Twitter.

With this latest version, Windows Phone 8 users can enjoy a better shooting experience with the new features incorporated into the Photosynth app. First, the app has camera lens integration that allows Windows Phone 8 users to capture landscape images quickly. So, when a user wants to take a landscape image, all he needs to do is use the camera normally. The user can then choose the lenses and then pick Photosynth. The user needs to move the phone around to get a 3-dimensional view of the landscape and to make the image come to life.

The ability to view shared panorama images using Photosynth is another feature added to Photosynth 1.5. This means that Windows Phone 8 users can now view images from other Photosynth users that were shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media directly on their mobile device.

Photosynth 1.5 also has more camera controls. There are new exposures and white balance locking options that will allow users to adjust the camera app to several lighting conditions which will provide better pictures. Windows Phone users need only to launch the app once on their phone and use the app together with their device’s built-in camera.

Moreover, the integration of this famous app with the Windows smartphone include bug and glitch fixes. This makes it more stable than its predecessor and more convenient to use.

With the addition of this app into Microsoft’s latest mobile platform, it is expected to appease the critics of the Windows Phone 8 who have complained about the limited applications available for the said mobile device.

According to CNET, around last week, Twitter also updated its Windows phone app. The social networking site added several discovery features that were previously enjoyed exclusively by iOS and Android users. A month ago, Spotify similarly launched a new app for the Windows Phone 8 in beta format.

Source: CNET