Phone Vs Phone Android Clearly Beats iPhone

Forrester, Gartner, Millennial, IDC, Neilsen….There are way more analyst firms than those named right there. The argument of the year this year in the mobile space is who is selling more iPhone or Android. After that question comes, how do you qualify iPhones numbers and how do you qualify Androids?

Steve Jobs is always quick to add in iPad’s and iPod touch devices into whatever numbers he can to make the IOS number bigger. Fundamentally, maybe he should. However Google only puts Android devices that are approved for GAPPS (Google Apps Suite/Google Experience) into their numbers.¬† So that means devices like, every Archos device, Augen Gen tabs, Coby tabs, Sylvania tabs etc don’t get factored in.¬† In fact the number for Android includes phones/handset sales and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

So in all fairness you’re talking about just phones and the Galaxy Tab. A recent report by Millennial Media, the last large independent mobile ads firm, shows that when you put all IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) together vs all the Android devices listed above, just phones and the tab, IOS wins out by a very narrow margin. However, when you talk phones for phones, and presumably if you take off the 1 million Galaxy Tabs sold, than the margin of Android selling more than iPhone isn’t quite as small.

Now to make you iPhone fanboys reading thedroidguy (and we’re glad everyone does) in this particular graph, neither the Dell Streak, nor the Samsung Galaxy Tab are figured in, although we would have always figured in the Dell Streak because it has phone connectivity, the Tab does not.

So when you’re talking about phones Android is the clear winner!

Source: Mashable

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