Phablet shipments are on the rise: IDC

The popularity of supersized smartphones is increasing, according to the figures of the phablet shipments recorded in IDC’s research which covers the third quarter of 2013. These phablets, which measure between 5 inches and above, accounted for 21 percent of the 261.1 million total smartphone sales during the aforementioned quarter. The number marks a 3 percent increase when compared to the figures recorded in same quarter last year.

Phablet shipments are on the rise: IDC
Phablet shipments are on the rise: IDC

IDC says that the fact that many of the popular Android smartphone makers have released the supersized handsets contributed to the increase. Even Nokia has announced two new large-sized smartphones, the Lumia 1320 and the Lumia 1520, which further expand the growing category. Meanwhile, Apple continues to have no large-screen device that can compete with the demand for these phablets. This could have been a factor why Apple’s shares did not register a significant growth during the same quarter.

Average selling prices (ASP)

The same study notes that the average selling price of smartphones (ASP) is falling. In Q3 2013, the average price was $317, marking a 12% decline. This price trend was observed in Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and other operating systems save for Blackberry OS, which showed an increase in its ASP. Android smartphones have an ASP of $268; Windows Phone has $287; Blackberry has $386; and iOS has $635. The cheapest devices, however, are those whose operating systems do not fall into any of the aforementioned categories. Their ASP is only $125.

Operating Systems wars

The study also provides insights into the heated competition among the operating systems. Android, for the first time in such quarter, surpassed the 80% mark in terms of its market share. Samsung is responsible for 39.9% of this figure, while the rest is divided among the other Android smartphone manufacturers. Coming in second place is iOS, with a 12.9% market share, Windows Phone with 3.6%, BlackBerry with and others with 0.6%.

Earlier this month, research firm Strategy Analytics posted the results of their study covering the same quarter. Per Strategy Analytics, Android’s market share is 81.3%, Apple’s is 13.4%, Windows Phone is 4.1%, BlackBerry is 1%, and others, 0.2%. These figures are similar with the results that IDC got.

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