Patents Trail Legalizing Marijuana In Online Petitions On

Last month the White House began soliciting petitions from American citizens so they could gauge the most important issues on the minds of Americans nation wide.  This is an extremely smart move being an election year and all.

Software patents have caused a number of lawsuits this year spanning the globe. Of course the ones most relevant to Android enthusiasts are patents revolving around Apple, Samsung and HTC.  It seems that Apple feels they’ve invented everything and have taken on just about all the Android OEM’s in one form or fashion.

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Last week Apple was actually denied the patent for multi-touch technology. Multi touch is a key patent in gesture based recognition for smartphones.  Although many an Apple fan boy would argue that Apple owns every patent known to man it’s become evident that the government isn’t just going to roll over for Cupertino CA (the way Cupertino rolls over for Apple).

With all this back and forth about patents though American citizens seem to be getting sick of it. One of the main worries in the tech community is that fighting patents will stifle innovation. Not only that but both Verizon and T-Mobile are standing behind Samsung in their patent wars with Apple. T-Mobile has said that if Apple were to be granted an injunction against Samsung in the United States, their holiday plans would, for lack of a better word, be screwed.

You also have to figure that somewhere along the line the costs of all these lawyers is going to trickle down to the consumer.  Well it’s starting to show that Americans are sick of patent litigation. One of the petitions on the new petition part of the website is to get rid of software patent litigation.

Albeit a little extreme, the petition calls for the patent office to cease issuing software patents. This isn’t going to go over well for the start-ups that are on to the next big thing, but it would help straighten up this cell phone mess.  That petition currently has 12,977 e-signatures on it.

The top petition right now is one calling for the legalization of marijuana. The marijuana petition has over 41,000 signatures.  The White House has promised a response on any petition that has over 5,000 unique signatures.  If you want to sign the patent petition just click here.

source: PC World